Thursday, February 26, 2004

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ei ei.. i've decided to submit an entry to "What book has changed your life?" contest by Powerbooks. I'm not much of a writer, and the book i've chosen is nothing deep or philosophical like East of Eden or Paulo Coelho's books.. i also wanted to write about those books but it's difficult to put into writing how much i believe in angels, sacred rituals, etc now.. so i decided to write about Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.. here's what i wrote..

I have been working for more than 3 years but I had no savings, no investments because I would spend my salary the minute it touches my hand. After reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, I started evaluating my whole life. I had been buying nothing but liabilities! Now, I try to assess every little thing I buy. I have completely changed my money habit and have renewed vigor in my work because I know if I work hard, I would soon have my own money to invest on. As Mr. Kiyosaki said, "Focusing on my own business, developing assets, made me a better employee. I now had a purpose.” My only regret is not learning about the book sooner. Can you imagine how hard my money could’ve been working for me by now if I started the instant I was earning?

well.. it's not winning piece material but it's a way to get people to read the book also.. that's probably the main objective of the contest anyway..

My sister's gonna write about "Four Agreements".. that's a good book too.. but Rich Dad, Poor Dad really changed my life.. the contest only requires 150 words or less which is just TOO short that i had to delete half of what i've written in my first draft.. i had stuff like..

"When you're single, living with your parents and considerably young (23, in my case), motivating yourself to work can be extremely difficult especially when no one is depending on your income." lol! i've learned soooo much from that book like stuff on how to build your financial IQ, or what assets are (i've learned them in school but accounting can be PRETTY BORING) and secrets of the rich.. it said stuff like "rich people buy luxuries last, while the poor and middle class tend to buy luxuries first".. which is soo true 'cause i would find myself buying the whole clinique line when i can do just as well with a johnson's baby powder on my kikay kit, lol! Also, Mr. Kiyosaki said this "the rich buy assets. the poor only have expenses. the middle class buys liabilities they think are assets." ps2s, cellphones, dvds.. shittss.. i've got a whole lot of them.. basta, the most important rule i've learned is to know the difference between an asset and a liability.. and i should only concentrate my efforts on buying income-generating assets.. after my assets produce income, that's the time to buy luxuries.. not wasting my job salary on personal effects that have no real value once i get them home..(i quoted Mr. Kiyosaki hehe).. i've talked non-stop about it.. to my friends, my sisters, my parents.. i mean, nobody talked to me how i would handle my money once i started earning my own.. my parents would tell me (like Poor Dad on the book) to study hard to get a good job when they should've taught me to study hard to give jobs.. that's why rich people with kids will produce rich kids..they teach their kids how they would handle money and make the money work for them.. the great thing about the book is it doesn't tell you to quit your dayjob.. it encourages you to be the best employee for you to start earning and to start minding your own business. we work for everyone but ourselves.. we work for the company we work for, the government through our taxes, for banks that keeps our money.. we make everyone else richer! that's why he said we should "mind our own business"... a business where our money works for us and not the other way around..

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..syempre all this talk about making money made me call up Jul Nuique for their website... i guess we had a misunderstanding because i thought they didn't want to make a site any longer 'cause it would mean that they would have to show pictures of their products that could be pirated by other companies in the same line.. so i told Poy (Jul's younger brother.. about my age) to call me when they've decided what they want in the site and who their audience will be.. BUT poy said it was ME who was going to call them back.. nyerks.. good thing i called and jul said again that "ako lang daw hinihintay nila" .. nyeks again.. anyway, i'm going their on saturday to talk things through and design a database (read: to MMM as in Make More Money!).. they want something that would have 2 access levels, the higher level containing the new products while the lower one would be for general viewing..

uy excited na ulit ako har har har.

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grabe. this is the text message i received from dex yesterday.. "*mwaaah* HAPI 3RD ANNIVERSARY MI. ang tgal n natin mi. mi sori s lhat n ngawa ko 4 d last 3 yrs. ang dami kong pgku2lang but still ur der. salamat sa lahat. I LOVE U."
sweet diba? but my first reaction was.. "3 YEARS!?" ndi ba 2.. tas putek.. napaisip ako.. kasi kami na nung naggraduate kami eh, that was 2001.. so 3 years nga pala.. hahahaha! eh on off naman kami eh (tska naglalaho siya dati noh) kaya siguro nakatatak sa isip ko na 2 years.. lolz.. gosh. ang tagal na nga. hehe. sige alis na rin ako.. punta pa ko powerbooks.. babay!

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