Tuesday, February 24, 2004

System Time: 2:59 PM
something's wrong. my clock's not working. it's not fucking moving! can't believe it's only 3 pm. i feel as if i've stared at my monitor for ages. it's taking all my willpower not to go home already.. maybe it's because it's a holiday tomorrow and i can't wait to have my movie marathon.. hay.. excuse pa ko eh lagi naman akong ganito pag alang ginagawa lol..

System Time: 3:11 PM
people often ask me 'bout dex.. you know, the usual stuff like how is he doing or how are we doing (as a couple).. i give my usual answer like "okay lang" or "ganon parin" but actually.. it's great.. especially these past few days. maybe it's because of lara's wedding that we keep on talking 'bout our future together..(tsaka nagpapakasweet *ehem* na rin ako hehe) or maybe because tomorrow's our 2nd anniv and we're excited 'bout that.. we have nothing special planned.. but just the thought that we've been together for 2 years makes me feel really giddy and special.. after the "Milan" incident, i try to put more effort in our relationship and fully appreciate how lucky i am that i have him as my bf.. i mean, what the shit was i thinking about? ranting 'bout pc here and my so-called impossible love.. my friends are always complaining 'bout their bf's insensitivity, unfaithfulness, immaturity etc.. dex has been nothing but great to me... even if we sometimes fight 'bout petty stuff...he always comes around (even if i'm the guilty party) and talk things through..

i love you dextergelbolingomomikowbesprenkowasawakow

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