Thursday, December 19, 2002

wow. am actually posting at the office... just waiting for my officemates to arrive with the equipment.. gonna have our last practice for tonight.. already 8 pm and still no sign of chipper and koji...

am actually pretty excited for our presentation tomorrow.. but am also a bit nervous 'cause we haven't practiced that much.. total of just 2 practices in a band studio.. gaaah!? i mean, how good can one get in just 2 practices? that's why our last practice is very critical.. don't want to totally embarass ourselves infront of the whole company!

hayyy.. am again adjusting with the PC keyboard.. /me tapon backspace key tutal ndi ko naman ginagamit. chet.

hmm... ANG TAGAL nila.. asan na buh sila..

surp muna. hafto grab the chance of a DSL connected net.

bye all!

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