Thursday, December 26, 2002

been thinking on my way home re: my program. (watda!?).. i mean.. i kept debugging in my head my source code as to why it isn't functioning in the way i expected it to be.. lolz.. anywayz.. the exercise is actually finished.. but Ma'am Belle explained her style to us and i wanted to adapt it to my program.. but i can't fucking make it work.. hay.. already have a game plan for tomorrow.. sorry but i have to blurt them out here for me to remember them...
.. 1. create separate subroutine for review option (use mode=4)
2. check the freaking loop.. my 'val' variable, my dowhile statement
3. make sure i turned off indicators and cleared message description field after EXFMT

... hmmm... my officemates kept on telling me not to change my program (cause it's already finished) but i really really want to try and make Ma'am Belle's style work..



la lang! hehe. nakngputekgustokonangpumuntasacebu!

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