Monday, December 30, 2002


why d laugh? been reading some HS palanca letters.. throwing out some (ansama!) think keeping some of them for more than 5 years is enough.. was i THAT bad when i was in highschool? got a lot of stuff like... "kaka pikon ka talaga dati" or.. "paminsan isipin mo naman na nakakasakit ka na ng tao" HEHE. actually.. now that i try to remember.. i was really kinda (?) mean.. especially when i was in 3rd year HS.. really treated the "other" kids err.. basta ndi ako mabait.. i was only good with MY friends.. but i think i changed during my senior year.. tried to be friends with everyone.. and i got some positive reactions from that in my letters also.. that i was friendlier and i tried to widen my circle of friends.. hehe..

will go back to reading.. gaaah.. wasn't i supposed to be cleaning?

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