Sunday, December 01, 2002


birthday bash was a success! though some people weren't able to go.. (wapaks HS barkada) there were still plently of people to finish off the 3 cases of beer i bought.. my college friends were all there.. (hugs all of you).. my ex-officemates, chatmates, present officemates... even Ma'am Belle, (my boss and sis) went! but of course, i still wasn't lucky enough.. JUSKOPONG MERALCO YAN.. tama bang magbrownout!.. at first i was really, really pissed... but my guests weren't bothered that much.. (wahaha buti na lng, pero kabwiset parin).. good thing it was already past 1 am and it was already a little bit cold so they weren't too uncomfortable.. a lot of people got lost.. though officemate Chipper was the most-lost-at-the-mountains winner.. was MILES away from our house.. was beginning to get a liitle irritated at him when he kept on saying to me in his sarcastic, olats manner .. "great party, uh".. gaahh.. it WAS a great party.. to think we had no electricty.. but my friends are chatmates are good sports (unlike him-- party pooper) and they compensated with whatever we had.. which was of course, food and beer and people.. Bevs was playing at the piano all brownout-long with Irvie and Eugene belting out the "tunes".. chatmates formed their on circle and were just chatting all night.. though Nardo was always getting teased with people saying "Yeeeeeeee!" in the background.. LOL.. (you won't get the joke if you don't know his history, of course.. hehe)

the next morning... Irvie, Bevs, Roni, Eboy, Eugene were the ones left and we all went to our farm-liit at Paenaan.. was soooooo fun.. we had our "safari ride" (LOL).. had a fear factor test.. and went river tampisaw-ing.. hehe.. Eboy even said she's limping because of our so-called leap of faith.. hehe.. we had to jump between canals to go to the river.. irvie was the funniest 'cause she said she felt as if she stopped in mid-air and that if it wasn't for us pulling her to the other side, that she might have fallen.. LOL! too bad ria, harbie and anshe weren't there.. think they left at around 4 am..

... more good news.. ate's advance christmas gift is.. (pabulong) .. erhmm.. cool dudes vcd.. BWAHAHAHAHAH.. now i'll be able to finish my gallery.. no more excuses! lolz..

speaking of which.. better get started before i get lazy again....

bye all!

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