Monday, December 30, 2002

presently cleaning my room... my hands are so filthy that i think i'm leaving fingerprints in my keyboard.. hehe.. think i'm already half way through.. been mostly throwing out stuff.. unlike most people.. i'm not really the sentimental type.. like the ones who have a hard time throwing stuff 'cause they always recall some sort of cherished memory from things.. i remember them, mind you.. but i think they'll just gather dust anyways so it's better to get rid of them.. i've always believed that memories are instilled in the mind.. not in material things.. that's just my opinion, of course...

there are a few stuff that i can't throw away, though.. mostly letters from different people.. like palanca letters i received when i was in highschool and college .. (the kind they give you when you're in a retreat).. birthday greetings.. letters from ex's... yep they're still there.. don't have the heart to throw them.. can't even delete my IRC logs... placed all of them in a separate folder.. it sometimes makes me happy to read them... i try not to ponder on what happened to THESE people.. but to concentrate on HAPPY moments.. happy thoughts.. :)

also destroyed (hehe) my harry potter shrine.. now, it consists of my TCG collection.. bought a new one yesterday.. a Legolas starter deck for my LOTR TCG.. quite happy with it.. think i stared at Legolas' face for a full minute before opening the box.. lol..

/me looks at bedside table..

gaah.. there are SO much junk stuffed inside that i have this urge to just throw EVERYTHING out.. better start.. it's already 12:30 pm and i wanna finish before i eat my lunch..

blog u later.

PS. TG i deleted my IRC. right after i connected i clicked my IRC shortcut located in my confused for a minute 'cause the dialog "finding program achuchu" sprung up.. sorry.. bad habit -_-.

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