Saturday, December 28, 2002

just a few days to go before the start of a new year... time for resolutions.. not that i actually do them.. it's just fun for a while when you remember them and attempt to stick to them.. even for just a few days... i remember telling myself last year to stop swearing... was pretty funny cause i'll be saying..."tae" instead of tangina.. hmm.. though i think this year has become my "swear smorgasbord all time high year" hehe..

... has been an OK year.. considering...
1. resigned from first job.. reasons for which were pretty stupid.. just got to the point that i can find no satisfaction in my life..
2. got a new job.. office sux...
3. lost a really really BIG material thing (gaah.. naalala ko na naman -_-)
4. still no improvement re: relationship with dex

i was considering going to Cebu next year.. in time for sinulog.. and to meet him again.. but i decided (just now) to follow my friend's advice...i quote mel: "ang dami mo nang nagastos para sa kanya. marami pang iba dyan sa tabi tabi".. tama! hehe... he didn't even greet me this christmas.. :( it's so sad.. but i'm beyond tears already.. i just feel like i'm a big empty box.. -_-

i decided to do something drastic this year.. really drastic for me 'cause it has been my lifestyle for the past couple of years.. i'm going to attempt to stop chatting.. (take note of the "attempt" word).. IRC has brought a lot of pain in my life this year.. although it had its moments.. not to forget my wonderful IRC friends... (*hugs ate charol) but i think.. new year calls for a new start..
... i'm still going to blog.. and finish everything that i've started.. (like my HP and the fan site).. i'm going to delete my 2 IRC programs in my hard disk tonight.. that's why i'm considering this night as my last night to go online and properly say farewell to my #ust friends.. (LOL DRAMA!) .. think this is going to be the best decision that i'll make this year.. to stop chatting.. my family will be grateful of course... especially my sisters.. who have been my constant complainers.. hehe...

...i'll see you guys around.

happy new year :)

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