Tuesday, December 03, 2002

...presently writing in my Harry Potter notebook.. have finished all exercises ahead of time (woohoo!) and am just entertaining myself..
..read this free novel from cosmo on my way to the office..titled 'Getting Better' by Tara FT Sering.. got depressed after finishing it.. not that it wasn't well written.. it actually had funny moments but i didn't like the ending.. story was nothing original.. the girl found out that her fiance` cheated on her.. in the end she moved on with her life because she found her replacement man.. sucks.. thought cosmo's theme was all about fun, fearless females... gaaah.. so the question is, .. is another man the answer to one's heartache? of course,.. the answer is a resounding NO.. that's the main reason why i didn't like the novel.. the lead character was a pathetic, dependent woman.. i mean, why does it become a "happy ending" when a girl gets hooked up with a new guy.. haaaaay..
..life's unfair..(eh? basta yun na yun!)

..learned a new slang today.. keps.. LOL!!! had to ask Koji and Chipper its meaning.. was later ashamed to death that i haven't learned it sooner.. gaaah! .. at least the novel had its purpose.. contained a lot of slangs..(bastos slangs hehe)

..haven't scanned my bday pictures yet.. my sister boxed me out at the PC last night.. have loads of stuff to do actually...
1. scan bday pictures
2. make galler for home page
3. scan how-to macrame stuff for ate ging
4. make gallery for fan site (and update the paking site!)

....don't know when i'll be able to spare time to actually accomplish my list (priority: #3, #1, #2, #4)
...#4 is quite tasking 'cause i still haven't captured images from the vcd...

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