Wednesday, November 06, 2002

System Time: 9:11 AM
...been reading a soft copy of A Little Princess for an hour now.. saw a site where their motto is "free your books"; they give out URLs of books which have been scanned and OCRd.. was initially looking for the Bourne Identity but when i found it,.gave me dead-end links.. (hu-Hum).. still found a site where it contained classic books such as the one i'm reading.. plus The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Three Muskeeters, etc.. will look at the site again later when i get home.. all 4 of the HP books are there, as well as LOTR.. will share the URL later.. (forgot it).. not doing anything work-related.. just enjoying the book and my extended earphones (lol).. i could lean back on my chair now hehe.. will continue reading.. Sarah's still rich and her father hasn't died yet.. later!

System Time: 1:04 PM
..suddenly felt sick... already took some medicine (asked Ma'am Marlyn for a biogesic tablet).. borrowed Chipper's jacket.. *sighs* back aches, i feel nauseous and sleepy all at the same time... (~_~)

System Time: 2:32 PM
..everyone was called for a 'company meeting'.. was only about shutting down servers and the network.. will be given new crystal reports to work on.. they're on a deadline and i think we're expected to stay late in the office as well.. hmm..
..pak. now i remember why i don't like my present hairstyle.. hair keeps on going to my face that i now have two fucking zits; one for each cheek. they weren't there when i woke up.. waaaH! i'm like some weird bio experiment to prove that the human body is indeed asymmetrical. deMMit! been trying to tuck my hair behind my ear the whole day. grrrr.
...feeling better now.. (well, better than i was just a few hours before)..better but with zits. GRRr again.
...really, really hafto stop smoking.. resistance to viruses is non-existent.. i should remind my mother to buy me some multi-vitamins.. *sighs*

System Time: 4:07 PM
..zits weren't so bad after i looked in the mirror.. lol.. still concealable..
..ei free food again here at the office.. pizza tym!

System Time: 4:49 PM
... ate a slice of pizza, some spaghetti.. and chugged on coke.. didn't smoke after but i think i'm feeling hot again.. (i'm in heat, hehe).. how i wish to just lie in my bed.. dex's cousin texted me again.. (re: customs broker exam results).. still haven't seen it.. actually, just depending on a few friends i've texted (those residing at manila) that if they happen to pass by PRC, to look at the results for me.. anywayz.. will continue reading A Little Princess..

System Time: 6:05 PM
.. *teary-eyed*
..Indian gentleman already discovered that she is the girl they have been looking for.. hehe.. kaiyak LoL.. anywayz.. look at the time.. bye all!

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