Friday, November 15, 2002

My blog last Tuesday, November 12, 2002

System Time: 8:15 AM

*breathes in, breathes out*
grabe! logged in at exactly 8:05 AM.. i really ran as fast as i could.. LOL.. i wasn't planning on running 'cause i already accepted the fact that i was going to be late.. but when i looked at my watch and saw 8:03 in it.. i thought "waah meh pag-asa puh" so i ran from the overpass to our office (bout 2 blocks) not minding the weird looks being given to me by other people.. lol! kapagod haha! i'm so out of shape! my knees where shaking when i sat down in front of my desk..

System Time: 9:54 PM
..presently listening to Sophie Zelmini - Always you (my bestfriend's wedding OST)
..if your love, i could command it.. get your head, to understand it.. i'd go twice, around the world even though i may not find it... oh you, it's always you.. it's always you..

System Time: 10:50 AM
..was bored and looked at other people's shared folders.. just my luck.. saw a shared one with mp3s in it.. presently listening to Best of VST album lolz..
..woah. dami pala! yehey! saw lots of different stuff, from newwave songs to wolfgang-greatest hits..

System Time: 11:54 AM
..nyi. Ma'am Malou is sitting beside Koji. and Koji's sitting beside me.. our direct supervisor is just one seat apart from me and i think she saw me sleeping (again) LoL.. don't know what i'll do when she asks me again what i'm doing.. ("wala po" na naman?)
..nyek. hiwap magpanggap ng malapitan. HAHA.

System Time: 2:42 PM
..doing some crystal reports.. was not really told to do them.. but it's either that or be caught sleeping.. i mean, eventually.. i think we're still going to do them anywayz, better to have an early start..

System Time: 3:49 PM
..what must i do, to make you mean everything to me. don't have the strength to say, give this heart of mine a chance.. maybe then.. you will see..
..obviously i've been listening to songs on other people's workstation hehe..

System Time: 5:41 PM
..basically been sound tripping all day (plus my all-time-favorite staring at my monitor hobby) LOL.. just remembered one really, really good song to sing.. Cool with You by JLHewitt.. dibuh dibuh dibuh? hehe

System Time: 6:03 PM
gtg ! bye!

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