Thursday, November 07, 2002

System Time: 8:27 AM
..was so tired yesterday that when i got home, i slept first before eating my dinner.. good thing i slept at my parent's bedroom (they were obliged to wake me up) or else i wouldn't have eaten and just continued sleeping till morn.. finished reading A Little Princess.. they're supposed to give us Crystal Reports but they haven't even arrived yet.. guess they worked really late last night.. wasn't late today.. (yes!).. i was already late once this month, which broke my 32 days-no-late streak.. tsk tsk...
..i'm feeling okay now,..took decolgen and biogesic last night before sleeping..

System Time: 11:04 AM
..still haven't given us new crystal reports.. already finished reading LOTR.. *sleepy again*
..reading HP again for the nth time..Book 2.. ate Chary just called and said they're already selling tickets for the Nov. 13 showing at Greenbelt and G4.. asked if i would like to watch with her.. (syempRe!) so, as early as now, we already have sure seats reserved for Wednesday.. yeHey. i like watching at Makati.. audience is more educated and who actually have read the books...

System Time: 2:19 PM
..still haven't done a single-work related thing today.. seems like they don't plan on giving us any crystal report.. better download a new book later at home.. if only i could figure out this site.. i feel so stupid not finding the books "in the wild".. hmm..
..@_@ so hard to stay awake when you're doing nothing.. really grateful to my earphone extension.. i'm no longer stooping just to put on earphones.. still wish i had a cd-rw.. could've copied all my p3s at home to my workstation here at the office instead of buying cd mp3s..
..presently eating meiji biscuits.. don't even know what it's called 'cause everything's in japanese (except the word meiji).. they're like small chocolate mushrooms.. (yum-yum) helps me stay awake..

System Time: 3:05 pm
..gaaH.. sleepy again..(@_@) ..
..presently listening to Live - I Alone
.. to leave you there by yourself chained to faith.. i alone love you, i alone tempt you.. i alone love you, fear is not the end of this..

System Time: 5:07 PM
..think reading all day is making me dizzy.. hope i won't be doing this 'til tomorrow.. (but i have a feeling i will... no signs of giving us any reports to work on..)..

System Time: 5:35 PM <-- time's sooo sloww waiting for 6 pm..

System Time: 5:54 <--yehey
..i think i hafto stop reading now..'cause i'm getting dizzier by the chapter.. this is bad, reading all day..all my superiors are at the back.. perhaps with a clear view of my monitor.. must make panggap (LoL)
..haven't smoked since yesterday.. (sows.) i'm really serious now 'bout quitting for the ff. reasons:
1. feel sickly
2. low appetite
3. really feel as if i'm getting thinner everyday
..already 6 pm.. was this a loooong day or what? gtg now.. bye!

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