Monday, November 18, 2002

My blog last Friday, November 15, 2002

System Time: 9:28 AM
.. sister's account still wasn't working so i wasn't able to post my blogs last night.. but i did post them here at the office at Chipper's workstation.. had to very inconspicuous..good thing blogger's edit thingie has a white background..
..presently listening to Incubus - Pardon Me.. reminds me so much of my thesis days that my chest tightens when i hear this song (LoL) .. Eboy and I would listen to Incubus songs over and over again.. we lived (yes, lived) for a month at Harbie's place.. 6 of us.. doing our respective thesis.. but of course, it wasn't all work.. at midnight when most of us are feeling sleepy.. we would play a movie at one of the PCs (we had 4 PCs in a room) to help us stay awake.. though it wouldn't always work 'cause we would still fall asleep right in the middle of watching one.. we fell asleep at KamaSutra 2 (we would refer to that movie as KamaTulog later).. we had other thesis theme songs.. #1 of course is "Cruisin".. ALL of us would remember our thesis days when we hear that song.. was a BIG help living together..though each of us worked on a separate thesis, (only 2 in a group) help was just a kalabit away and there was always somebody to rouse you up when you're sleeping instead of working, calm you down when having a panic attack or simply cheer you up when you feel like you can't do it.. plus waking up with 4 PCs in front of you (with Roni already up and typing away, lol) was a big motivational factor and lessened one's laziness.. many of my treasured college memories happened that month and with my friends.. Harbie, Ria, Roni, Eboy and TP-Anshe.. (the "Harbie Sleep-talking/looking with me thinking it was spaghetti sauce instead of champorado incident", the "Ria saket ng katawan natulog na may bote ng lambanog sa tabi", the "KamaSutra kala namen maganda Kamatulog pala", the "Watching bongacious dancers do their thing downstairs everyday", the "woah good morning hanggang tuhod na ang baha", the "Prince in bathroom with all our *toot* in there ", etc.. etc.. etc..
*happy sigh sabay LoL*

System Time: 11:04 AM
.. so sleypi again. TGIF! will be able to sleep late again.. (8 am :p..well.. it's later than 5:30am, right?) [*_*] *stifles a yaWn*

System Time: 11:20 AM <---gwabe bagal ng oras, uh.. am actually nodding off again.. chet. musssst stay a--wake. @_@ am listening to Martin Nievera's Forever Album.. adds to my sleepiness.. was reading Anne of Green Gables before i felt my eyes drooping.. think I'm still on the first chapter.. have no right.. to ask me how i feel.. you have no right.. to speak to me so kind.. someday i might, i might find myself looking in your eyes.. but for now.. we'll go on living our separate lives..
..Zsa-Zsa and Martin are currently belting out this song.. hmmm.. mom already agreed to my pasta-party (though i didn't mention the "beer" part) on the 29th.. gave me some ideas on the Menu especially the ingredients on my "Salad Bar".. i'm planning on inviting my HS barkada (4), Pre-com (, cherry, erlyn.. though it's pretty doubtful that they could come, i could always hope, right?), ISM people.. (ahmm.. 5 ang kabarkada ko.. dunno how many of my classmates will go).. ex-officemates (3.. irvie, bevs and eugene).. present officemates (5, Chipper w/ gf, Froi w/ gf and Koji).. and of course, chatmeyts at undernet.. (around 10? dunno..) already created the map to our house yesterday..probably work on my online-invitation this weekend and upload the map.. also plan on checking the prices (for the menu) so i'd have an idea how much i'd be spending.. (hehe Yaaare) hmmm.. *thinks of grocery list* excited, eh?

System Time: 2: 41 PM
..have only Let Me in in my playlist.. i'm trying to memorize it.. hehe.. i'm always like this with a song that i like.. i'd play it over and over until i get tired of it..
..Let me in, to feel the fire.. let love unfold.. my body's wet and cold.. I'll never let you go.. until the sand rolls in the desert day by day.. I promise you my heart ..
and we can make love grow ..
until the day no longer turn the night away.. my lovely lady.. in love I'll stay..
.. still reading Anne of Green Gables.. has become more interesting.. though i myself don't like Anne as much as i liked Sarah of a Little Princess.. i think Anne's just plain talkative..

System Time: 4:00 PM
..exactly an hour to go before i log out.. hay.. sana mabilis akong makasakay.. kahapon ang olats.. kabuwsit.. lahat nagcu-cutting trip.. tas yung nasakyan ko sobrang obvious dahil pagdating masinag dumirecho syang COGEO.. gaah. sabi nga ng dad ko dapat 'ndi na daw ako nagbayad.. eh yoko kasi mainit ulo nung driver.. mura ng mura sa mga sasakyan, sa MMDA, .. tapos meh sumakay pang isang lolo na 'ndi nagbayad ng pamasahe.. actually, it's quite funny.. i've read my batchmate jen's blog once and she told a similar story..
.. edi wala akong masakyang COGEO ano, so nagMasinag na lang ako (lecheng mga FX) tapos, may 2 ng nakaupo sa gitna.. when i was about to get in, si tatang ay nag-attempt na umalis.. tapos narinig ko sabi ng driver "wag na kayong umalis, mahuhuli ako nyan e!" in his galit tone.. then another passenger came in and sat beside me.. so ganito pwesto namin sa gitna.. L-R.. isang guy, si tatang, ako tas isa pang babae.. tapos meh isang pasahero sa likod ang nagbayad.. so naturally, meron dapat mag-abot nun sa driver.. ang kumuha nung pera ay si tatang.. (remember that i'm just sitting beside him so i could see what he's doing).. ginawa nya eh, tiningnan nya lng yung pera.. (10 pesos worth in coins.. like HELLO, rush-hour bente-bente, malayo malapit) then he closed his hand around the coins.. i was just thinking on what he'd done when the passenger said "Nako, Tatang ibigay nyo po yan.. wag nyo pong itatago yan" in a voice that could be heard by us but not the driver.. Tatang said :"ibibigay ko naman" then gave the money to the driver.. tapos etong driver na mainitin ang ulo eh mega "KULANG PA PO NG SAMPU 'ITO" while the passenger at the back gave a detail account on Tatang's modus-operandi "Nakasabay ko na po dati yan e, talagang gusto nyang umupo sa gilid tapos kukunin nya yung bayad ng pasahero sa likod. tapos bigla na lang siya aalis. Diba po kanina hinawakan nya lang yung pera." (while others would say) "OO nga, kaya pala gusto nya sa gilid umupo" .. they're talking as if Tatang was deaf or something.. kaawa din khet papaano, kasi kung titingnan mo sya ang amo talaga ng mukha nya (lol)... tapos yung driver pa.. "OH YUNG MGA WALA PANG BAYAD DYAN, MAGBAYAD NA".. then after a while he figured out it was Tatang so kinausap na nya.. "TATANG HINDI PA KAYO NAGBABAYAD AH"..
Tatang: "Dyan lang.. pagdating Masinag" (eh Masinag was just an intersection away, lol)
Driver: "wala ba kayong pambayad?"
Tatang: "wala po"
Driver: "Tatang blah blah blah $%#$ dapat sinasabi nyo, ndi nyo niloloko kaming mga drayber..aambisyon pa po kayo na mag-FX #%@#$% achuchuchu"
Tatang: "salamat po"
Me thinks: "10 pesos na lng laman ng wallet ko.. just enough for me to go home dahil sa mga OLATS na drayber na nagcucutting trip" hehe wawa si Tatang.
sabi puh saken nung drayber "Dapat lang na murahin ko sya kasi pareho naman kaming matanda.. meh pamilya akong pinapakain uh ##$^@@#$ nya"
Me makes pilit ngiti while thinking: "ulewl. pareho lang kayong magnanakaw"

nyek. 5:07 na. BABAY!

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