Monday, November 11, 2002

System Time: 1:29 PM's Jing's birthday today! Happy Beerday Jing!.. she's my HS kabarkada.. will be celebrating at their house on Saturday (yehey hehe).. speaking op burpdays.. mine's coming up soon..i'm actually getting excited 'cause i'm thinking of throwing a pasta-party hehe.. (ok, pasta-beer-party then) though i think my savings might get depleted after my least it's gonna be fun, right?
..can't believe i'm gonna be 22. 22 sounds so... un-teenagish.. though i haven't been a teenager for 2 years already, 21 doesn't sound so... old wahahah. *siGhs*
..feeling sleepy again. been doing some work (waaaaaaaat i'm actually working on a monday mawnin!?).. finished it before lunch time.. i think among the four of us, i'm the only one who isn't doing anything (again).. Koji's doing some really difficult SQL scripts, while Chipper and Froi are working on the templates..and me,..i'm just staring at my monitor trying to keep my eyes open.. @_@

*lets out a big YaWn*

..lapit na Haripotpot! well, that's exciting.. my sister and I are gonna watch it on Wednesday..think i'll just read the book (again).. test myself if i could memorize it.. lolz.. (so that i'll be able to answer HP trivia.. i suck at trivias huhuhu)

..ay! ay! saw Nic Belasco at Shangrila today.. ate lunch there.. he was with his wife and kids (i think.. just assumed).. you can't help but notice him 'cause he's so tall..

..hhmmmm... *thinks of list i did last Friday*

..wasn't able to upload anything new to my site ( i did say that item was "doubtful", right?); was able to do items 1,2 and 5.. watched The Touch (Michelle Yeong) and Mr. Deeds.. couldn't do item #4 'cause didn't realize that vendors have stopped selling cd mp3s at the mall near us.. (Sta.Lucia)

..just remembered something, this weekend, while chatting my notify list gave me this "discr3et is on IRC".. so my initial reaction was.. "wow nabuhay." .. i whois-d the said nick and saw that he was in #upcebu.. so that was clue #2 that he's really Spidey.. then after a few secs, i got the "discr3et has left IRC" thing.. my OTHER irc, (i had 2 that time, both connected) showed "discr3et euridic3 is logged in as".. so when i entered #upcebu, i only saw one handle voiced so i automatically whois-d that nick.. got " euridic3 is logged in as" so they're one and the same right?.. so i macked the nick and said

he said: "?"

anywayz, to make a long story short he didn't tell me that he was Spidey.. he denied it.. i mean, at first i kinda believed him.. but then (a day after that, i think) i saw "h0lygh0st is on IRC" with the "h0lygh0st euridic3 is logged in as" ek ek.. hay. i really don't get it why he doesn't want to talk to me.. as if i'd eat him alive or something like that.. it's not like i said something to offend him.. i believe it was the other way around.. HE was the one who rejected me.... hmmm.. onga ano.. *wapaks sarili* he doesn't want me bothering him. period. fine then.

System Time: 3:41 PM
..presently connected to Sir Herbert's PC (his mother died yesterday, btw. RIP condolence) listening to The Calling's whole album while eating Champola sticks to help me stay awake.. also been reading previous blogs.. hay. can't believe i'm so ma-emote regarding pangs. hilarious, really. thinking he was someone special, when he's just one big maLandeeeeeH. actually, i have already started talking to him at IRC.. i figured out what i was feeling...was disbelief, that i was so fucking gullible... talking to him doesn't hurt me anymore. when i think of him i just make this *tsk tsk* sound with matching iling in my mind while trying to hide this smirk forming in my face.. fucking comedy.

System Time: 4:59 PM
.. 1 hour to go.. reading past blogs again.. haven't mentioned that i have 2 fairy-tale books already.. second was "Animal Stories by Disney", could still be considered a fairy-tale book 'cause it had Cinderella in it (because of the mice? ewan. lol).. already have 8 stamps on my Powerbooks Track Card.. 65 stamps to go.. LOL! demmit ang dami pala.. asked my sister..
"ano makukuha ko pag nakumpleto ko ang stamps sa card na toh?"
she said: "card din"
nYeh! actually, she was referring to the discount card, ... hehe sana free book man lang hmpft... tagal ng Order of Phoenix, kainish.. what if something happens to J.K. Rowling? who would finish the rest of the HP books then? lol! just really getting impatient as to when the 5th book will be released.. hmmm..

System Time: 5:50 PM
..10 minutes to go, wooHoo! gonna meet k8tee at Galle to give back her brush.. she left it in my bag when we went to #cfad's halloween party..
..5:56 na.. more staring then log-out na.. bye!

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