Friday, November 08, 2002

System Time: 8:32 AM
..TGIF! had a difficult time urging myself to get up and go to work today.. focused on things like "i could wear jeans today"; "only 8 hours"; "can prepare bread with sundried tomatoes and cheese herb for baon".. actually ate one slice already.. (yum) they're really good.. all you have to do is put some sun-dried tomatoes on any piece of bread.. then add some cheese herb and toast them.. all of which can be bought at a gourmet store.. mom buys them cause she puts them in the spaghetti sauce.. *getting hungry again*
..downloaded last night Alice in Wonderland.. started reading it when i got here in the office.. didn't even finish the first chapterwhen i started feeling frustrated for Alice.. she's so stupid! LoL! no,really.. she is.. she's so TATA.. tatanga-tanga.. shifted to Book 2 of HP again..

..just remembered something..

..still haven't finished my site.. i really should continue doing it.. i keep on starting things and not finishing them.. just like the fan site i made for james blanco.. (lol).. but that has a more valid excuse 'cause i don't have enough pictures of him to start my "Gallery Link".. the pictures for my "Class Libraries" on the other hand have ALL been scanned.. am just plain lazy to do it..

System Time: 9:31 AM
..this is gonna be one LOOONG day.. hmm..
..wasn't able to watch the Amazing Race last night.. got home past 8.. (buwsit na traffic)
..figured out the site.. they PHYSICALLY put books on the wild.. just so happened that the first book i searched for had a URL link.. but most books have been physically left at some place and reported at the site so that a person may find it and read it.. did find a lot of e-book sites.. (search: free e-book at google) mostly contained classical literature.. thought i would enjoy reading Alice in Wonderland.. tsk tsk.. didn't remember her being THAT stupid and weird..

/me feeling my collar bone (LoL!!!)

hehe payat kow. (tlga? haha)

..hope i gain some weight before christmas.. i know i've been saying it often that i'll quit smoking but i'm really, really serious this time.. actually, it's sort of an experiment to see if i'm addicted to it.. 'cause i've talked to ex-chain-smokers and a few told me that they just decided to stop one day and they haven't smoked since.. not that stopping can guarantee weight-gain but i'm pretty sure i'm not exactly getting heavier by smoking everyday...just 10 minutes to go before break timeeee..

System Time: 10:55 AM they're telling us we hafto go to work tomorrow to help on the crystal reports..
/me NyeHH!
..'yoko nguh..was really looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow.. just hafto invent some valid excuse. :)

System Time: 2:38 PM
..turns out i don't need an excuse 'cause they'll only be needing one person.. and thaaaaaaaaaat's Koji! yehey!.. another good news (i think?).. our project-meter-incentive will really start soon.. on Nov. 20 to be exact.. like what Sir Herbert said, was a little bit unfair 'cause we were actually already helping in making some actual projects but we haven't been paid extra for them.. so officially on Nov. 20 (some of us will start earlier than that).. we'll be filling up Project Time sheet forms.. just a way for them to keep track of the hours spent each day on a form/module/report..

System Time: 3:46 PM
..just a little over an hour to go before 5 PM..wish time would just melt away.. guess i'll just continue reading Alice(tata) in Wonderland..

System Time: 4:15 PM
..feeling sleepy again.. can't even close my eyes 'cause my bosses are having a meeting at my right side.. could see them in my peripheral vision.. (lol) buwsit.. guess i'll just list down the stuff that i'll do this weekend..
1. wake up at around 8:30 am on Sat. morning
2. watch one of our pirated dvds
2. finish and upload my "Class Libraries" (doubtful..but i can always hope)
3. buy a cd mp3 (btw.. presently listening to Mike Francis - Let Me in (live ver.))
..wait.. hafto sing-along with it in my mind.. lolz..
..waah i don't know the lyrics hehe.. i got this part, though..'re my tomorrow and your my today and only you can show the way and of course the "Let Me in" part hehe.. hmm.. wonder if i have a p3 of this at home..
4. download Let Me in (if i don't have one yet)

that's it!.. i usually just bum around at our house during weekends.. sometimes i'd wake up early so i could start a movie marathon.. still have many unwatched dvds.. on Sundays we go to mass.. (we attend mass at a mall, lol) then my family makes pasyal somewhere.. (either go to our relatives, or do some shopping/grocery, etc)
wow 5 na. (weird? biglang bumilis) anywayz.. bye!

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