Monday, November 04, 2002

System Time: 8:01 AM
..November na.

..Work day. *long sigh*

..been sorting my "schedule" for the day while in the shower..
1. really, really finish the rest of my sql scripts (about 3)
2. test existing scripts
3. enter test data in table (for me to do item # 2) all i have to do is stick to my scheduled activities for the day..

..Ate Ging's going to Malaysia again today.. she'll be staying there for another month.. roommate-less again.. been pestering my dad to buy a double decked bed.. ours actually is one, but we separated it since the lower bunk's post splitted to half... (bed's made of wood) our room's actually kinda big.. if we have a double-decked bed we'd be able to put a billiards table in it.. hehe.. problem is we wouldn't be able to fit it through our door..


..still feeling heavy-eyed though i slept early last night at around 11 pm.. ay ay i remember.. hafta congratulate myself... still not talking to x-pangs.. (yeS!) almost, almost "weebeeD" him at #sanbeda.. just when i was about to type the words he disconnected... (:bleh) fate stepped in when my resolution was weakening..LoL
..have now added an additional guideline when online.. "if i'm not talking to anyone or just staring at IRC while he's online.. disconnect at once! as in click-d-mader-paking lightning icon..'cause if i talk to him while i'm not yet ready.. it'll just be a fucking cycle.. apektado pa nga ako sa IDENT nya e! lalo na pag sini-seen nya yun.. landeeh talaga.. meh gf na kung cno² pa hinahanap.. kung cno² pa tinatawagan.. GAAAAHHHHHHHH! *angry phase parin* actually, i'm on the "i'm-not-sure-if-i'm-angry-at -him-or-at-myself-phase" maybe i'm just plain angry. gaaaH! i would give anything just for me to feel NoTHinG. still haven't figured out why i'm even freaking writing about him here.. why i'm still so fucking affected. he lied to me about having a gf. so what!?? (feels sooooo sad just writing this) hay. so wat talaga dapat. instead, i go "waaaaaaaaaaaat?" in my mind.. tsk tsk tsk. i'm fucking hopeless.

and 9:06 am PA LANG. demmit. first thought when i woke up: "ang layo puh ng 6 pm".. was thinking of 6 pm at 5:30 in the morning..*sighs*
.. is my mom's birthday today.. forgot to greet her so i called at our house from the office.. think my mom's 56ish.. or 55ish.. will ask later..

System Time: 9:46 AM
...maybe i should really quit appetite's been really close to non-existent.. and everyone's been saying that i've lost weight.. (howdpakdatispossible, can't say)..
..only 180+ passed the Customs board exam..out of (1800+) i've searched for the complete list in the net but it's just NOT there!.. the closest i got was at but they only had the top 10 people.. (got the url for PRC but i don't think the site still exists 'cause i always get this "page cannot be displayed" thing) hay. i've got a feeling that momi didn't pass 'cause i think he might've shared the good news with me, right? pero sanaaaa talaga kasama sya sa pumasa. i know it's sooo important for him..

System Time: 10:45 AM so sleypi -_- LOTR can be sooooo dragging.. hu-humm..

..ate cHa! musta ka na? long time no tok :( .. di ka na rin nagboblog huhuhu.. kakatamad din siguro magblog ano? actually.. pansin mo buh pag nasa bahay ako walang wenta mga blog ko.. dito lang sa office yung 'medyo' meh storya.. dito kasi sa office.. either magblog ako or matulog e.. hehe..

..if i could, then i would.. i'd go wherever you will go.. way up high, or down low.. i'll go wherever you will go...if i could make you mine.. i'll go wherever you will go..

..still not getting tired of this song.. presently listening to the acoustic version..

The Kid's been helping me stay awake.. katxt ko ngayon.. buti nga nakakausap ko ulit sya e.. hay. saket ng likod ko. *strets-strets*

wonder what my batchmates are doing... they all seem so busy and awake.. notice that i still haven't done my supposed schedule for today.. staring at my monitor has really become my favorite hobby..

System Time: 11:46 A.M.
..tried switching from LOTR to book 2 of HP.. still fell asleep after a couple of paragraphs.. tagal ng lunch time uh.. feels as if the time isn't moving.. 15 minutes to go parin! i'll read my previous blogs again.. they can be really entertaining.. LoL.. especially my melodramatic entries.. maybe i could copy my archives later in a word document during lunch break... kasiii bat buh walang internet sa workstations namen.. kainish..
... think i've memorized book 2 of HP already.. especially the first few chapters.. wooHoo Chamber of Secrets will be showing on Nov. 13! i'm so excited for that.. haven't even looked at Toy stores for HP stuff.. my "HP Shrine" kinda needs restocking.. (not to mention, dusting)..
..wooHoo.. was able to copy my posted blogs at Chipper's workstation.. his PC is connected.. demmit.. anywayz.. will have lots to read later.. lunchtime!

System Time: 2:47 PM
..been reading past blogs.. wasn't able to download the June entries.. will download it later... reading my past blogs kinda entertains me.. (weird, eh?).. 'cause i can be so o.a. hehe (a perfect example is today's blog).. actually.. it's nice to recall my jobless days till the present i-hate-work-days.. how i would talk about PC and pangs almost non-stop.. i myself get confused as to whom i was referring to.. lol.. this blog really started with PC.. think i even cried on the phone while talking to pangs about him.. (X-PANGS NGA PALA) actually, i cry EVERY TIME i make wento about him.. tsk. getting rejected does that to you.

System Time: 5:25 PM
copied most of my blog to this Word document.. having a blast (?) just reading them.. especially my first few work days.. excited na excited ampootah.. LoL.. actually, enjoy naman talaga dati kasi laging busy.. kasi puro training.. anywayz, we've been given new templates to work on.. Sir Herbert said they'll be quite difficult so i'm looking forward to that.. any work's welcome...nahihirapan na akong magpanggap pahaba ng pahaba tuloy blog ko..

kaChat ko nga pala si "bal" kagabi...(kaya ok lang khet ol si pangs.. ndi ako idle hehe) 'la lang.. seryoso ang kwentuhan e.. dinadaan ko lang sa "L o L" tsaka sa "HeHe"..sabi ko nga sa panahon ngayon, bawal magseryoso!.. mauURat ka lang..

yes 5:40 na! didn't do ANY of my "scheduled activities".. ok lang.. Sir Herbert said to not finish the scripts, anywayz.. so that we could do the new templates assigned to us.. will read some more previous blogs then log out.. bye all!

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