Friday, November 15, 2002

My blog yesterday, November 14, 2002:

System Time: 7:37 AM <--wahaha aga ko
..was absent at work yesterday.. sobrang traffic kahapon sa masinag.. walang dumarating na shuttle service kaya sooobrang haba ng pila.. by the time i finally got inside one, direcho ayala ampootah.. wahaha.. was walking at ayala at around 8:45 am and i was telling myself.. "watdapakamidoinghere!?" .. was already extremely late so instead of stopping at BONI station, i got off at CUBAO at was on my way home..
..when i got home my dad said: "oh, kala ko maghahalf-day ka lang" (ate chary already called and told them what happened) "ayoko ng pumasok"
dad: "okay"
HEHE. i went with them on their errands and watched Harry Potter with them.. (my treat, of course)
..wooHoo..! i liked THIS movie more than the first one.. and i can't believe Ron and Hermione had a moment *kiligs all over* haha! i plan on watching it again.. plus my sister said that they're already showing the full-length trailer of The Two Towers.. wasn't able to see it 'cause my folks and i arrived at the movie house just in time.. Quidditch was better, the screenplay was better.. and how they've grown up! Ron's (rupert) always making piyok and Harry (daniel) gained weight.. (Ron: They were starving him, Mum.. Me thinks: No, they're not. lol) They're all at least an inch taller, i think.. especially Daniel and Rupert... and i still adore Hermione.. though i think she's thinner.. some girls screamed when Oliver Wood appeared on screen.. hehe.. i had to cover my mouth to restrain myself.. :p ..obvious buh excited parin ako sa movie?.. am still pretty psyched.. gusto ko na mag-saturday para mapanood ko ulit! movie house was jampacked and i think i'd only get good seats if i watched it as soon as the Mall opens! hehe.. thinking of asking my HS friends to watch with me..

System Time: 10:43 AM
..fucking slipped *wapaks herself* *wapaks sarili again*

System Time: 10:52 AM
...SOOOOO sleypi.. -_- falling asleep right this moment.. (even with Regine Velasquez screaming at the top of her lungs with her rendition of "I'll never love this way again").. presently listening to Regine's R2k1 Album.. (that's how the folder was labeled)

System Time: 3:59 PM
..just had a meeting with Ma'am Malou.. she said that since the VB Project is having legal problems, we're gonna be joining the new batch of AS400 trainees.. actually, i'm okay with that 'cause it's always cool to learn something new and i've never even touched a dummy terminal before..but of course, i'll be saying goodbye to my PC perks.. goodbye mp3.. goodbye notepad (reading OCRd books and THIS! my blogs).. hhuhuhu..not to forget what Ma'am Malou said, that Ma'am Belle (our trainor) is very particular when it comes to attendance so we should avoid being late.. (waah! >_<) bright side is i'll never have to worry about making panggap at the office.. 'cause i've seen other AS400 trainees and they follow a strict schedule of activities..though they also have strict break times ..15 minutes lang tlga waaaaaaah .. the new batch are also older than us (with already 2-3 working experience).. Ma'am said they're likely to be our junior analysts so we shouldn't compare ourselves to them 'cause we're more on the techie side.. (like i don't the difference between an analyst and a programmer).. i used to want to be an analyst.. but i find designing systems a bit boring.. that's what i did on my last job, actually.. many people say that we were like consultants.. and i'm pretty sure consultants/analysts receive a higher pay than most programmers.. but i still like programming better 'cause i'm not much of a people person.. analysts have to talk to all kinds of people, from managers, to users, to programmers.. and you can't really become that technically adept 'cause you don't need to become one in the first place,.. all you hafto do is depend on the programmers..

System Time: 5:31 PM
..tsk i think the balot i ate a while ago is wreaking havoc to my stomach.. *_* tsaket. LoL!
..hmmm.. wasn't able to go online last night.. Ate's company account didn't work so i wasn't able to post my blog.. not even sure if i would be able to post this one..

System Time: 6:06 PM
GTG now ! bye!

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