Tuesday, November 05, 2002

System Time: 5:45 PM <--woaH.
... been programming the whole day (YeS!) ..finished it (with some help from opismeyts) at around 4:30 pm.. hope there's a new one tomorrow.. just love it when time speeds up.. will probably do some 'extensive' testing tomorrow if no new template comes up..
...don't feel like going home early today.. but it's raining hard so i guess i'll just hafto..don't want to get stranded or something like that... you know why i want to go home late? so that i'll be so tired that i'll just eat my dinner and then directly go to sleep.. so that i won't be able to go online.. think i'm starting to give in.. (HINDI PWEDE)..actually.. he's been really QUITE irritating.. 'cause he's telling EVERYONE that i'm angry with him.. even my HS friend Jing asked me.." oh,galit ka daw kay ***?".. i was like.. "nyeh. pano nakarating sayo yun?".. turns out she and pangs had chatted at IRC and he told her.. kabwiset.. everyONE keeps asking me "bakit ka galit sa kanya".. grrrrr. if i wasn't angry then, i'm angry now! parang pinagmamalaki puh nya uh. gaaH!

*erases from memory*

5:56 PM na. hay. sa bagay ok din na umuwi na ako kasi saket ng likod ko e. tumatanda na talaga ako LoL.

bye all!

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