Tuesday, November 26, 2002

have i got a story to tell.

started out like any ordinary tuesday morning.. with me and my sister in a shuttle service..
..was already at my usual drop site.. an overpass which is two blocks away from my office.. while getting out of the shuttle service van.. i exactly don't know what happened.. but i think i must have tripped over the passenger's feet.. before i knew it.. i was falling down the van.. with my head getting hit by the post near it..
.. was sprawled on the street (like a fucking beggar LOL) with my face on the pavement.. heard the man with the big feet at the van saying.. "naku miss!!!" then he helped me stand up.. touched my forehead.. (left hairline) and looked at the blood in my hand.. the people inside the shuttle were shouting stuff like.. "dalin na sya sa ospital!" .. "meh dugo!".. so i was ushered back inside the van.. with my seat facing all of them..i heard a collective "ahh!" when i felt blood drip from my head to my neck.. then someone shouted.. "dyan lang sa tabi meh polymedic!".. so again i got off the van (with my sister, this time).. and walked a small distance towards the hospital..
my sister said "masakit ba?" then saying "syempre naman masakit ano, tanong puh ako!"
but i said "actually ndi naman mashado.. madugo lang ata tlga"
so there we were.. with me dripping blood in her uniform, in my slacks, and the handkerchief my sister gave me to put in my head , walking with this guy in front of us who were looking at us.. my sister said "san buh yung ospital?" to him.. he pointed at a driveway just ahead of us..


birthday bukol?

was really just a big bump in my forehead with the wound just a measly smaller-than-half-inch size.. didn't think the doctors there at polymedic (iba na ata pangalan nila ngayon... rv sumting) were used to having emergency cases.. 'cause they stared at me for a full 5 seconds before they moved and helped me out.. (lol.. me thinks: okay, move!) .. doctor thought that my nose was bleeding 'cause there was blood from my nose to my neck.. i said "ay ndi po.. galing yan sa ulo"..

..at least i was able to sit in a wheelchair.. hehehe!

they cleaned my wound, then x-rayed my head.. i'm fine , i'm okay.. actually.. i could still have gone to work if i wanted to.. my officemates Koji and Chipper were able to visit me at the hospital.. was trying not to laugh at their jokes 'cause my head hurts everytime i tried to laugh.. hehe.. told me to bring a hard hat next time.. wahahaha..

end of story.

kaya nyo yun? *bows*

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