Friday, July 08, 2005 motif!

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here's my motif! lemon yellow and lime(?)green.. though i'm not gonna coordinate everything... the flowers would probably contrast, something pink/burgundy... i can't believe everything's falling into place.. my dream gown, my dream cake, the colors, the music..i just hope my good luck remains until the very end.. of course, my luck started when Pangs held my hand on the night of August 27, hehe..alala ko pa siya, tanong ko.. "loyal ka ba?" kasi meh gf siya nun.. hahahaha! abah, "hindi" ang sinagot..ngayon pag tinatanong ko, "oo" na! L O L!


tSaRoLsKiE said...

Congratulations guys! atleast lahat ng pinagpaguran nyo ... nagfa-fall into its proper places, galing ng cake! i have to wear my glasses pa LOL kala ko hahahah pasta LOL (macaroni noodles)

gewwwwwwwwwi hay mes yu

~Glo~ said...

Nice colors! And yes, contrasting bouquet would be great. Im sure your wedding would be lovely. Visit my blog if you have time ren! Happy preps

joanne said...

i like the colors. cool! lamig sa mata. im going to link you up. happy preps!

Anonymous said...

Hi Geri!!! hey congrats sa developments ng wedding preps mo. I mean you are really doing great! Im happy for you! stay in love and happy - heidi