Tuesday, July 26, 2005

...wedding preps weekend

sa bagay, almost all of our weekends are for our wedding preps.. saturday, we went to Megamall for the SME trade fair (small and medium enterprises).. i'm a big fan of local manufacturers 'cause i love filipino made products.. they're unique, well-made (even though they're more expensive than china products.. grrr, i hate china products! they're so cheap, kawawa mga manufacturers naten) and affordable.. i'm thinking of buying native abaca bags for our ninangs when we visit them one by one at their homes (to inform them that we've chosen them as one of our sponsors).. a lot of cute, cheap bags from 200-100 bucks each.. I know some of the booths there 'cause they're also part of REMAI (rizal exporters manufacturers association inc.), to which my mom is a member. i made my favorite stop at Yellow Violet, owned by Tita Isabel, and bought 2 large scrapbooks and various scrapbook paraphernalia.. (i called Tita so she gave me a 20% discount, bwahhaha) i made some headway on our scrapbook.. i do believe i'm improving but sometimes i want to rip out a page that i made 'cause i wasn't feeling it but decided not to 'cause i didn't want to waste my effort, hehe..(i'll show some of my scrapbook when i find the time to photograph it).. after Yellow Violet, I saw these beautiful fans made from handmade paper with a wooden handle at WoodInspirations.. i ransacked the pile so i was able to get all the yellow fans to go with my motif.. (just 10bucks each!) i plan to insert them on the misalette 'cause NSDG is not air conditioned and it could get warm.. at least our guests will know that we've thought of them even in the smallest of details..

after that we saw some booths that sell Piña Cloth for barongs.. one booth was from Kalibo and my mom even knew the company 'cause they were able to visit their factory when she was in Kalibo.. i got their business card and was able to talk to the owner and order Pangs' barong.. we wanted Nanay Siony (nanay na daw itawag ko sa kanya eh, hihihi *tuwa naman ako*) to see the telas so we told them that we'll be back the next day.

Sunday morning, Pangs with Nanay Siony, Akel and her friend MaeAnn fetched me at MRT North so that we could go to Dangwa to (guess what) canvass our flowers for the entourage.. but before that, we made a stop to Pangs' lola (sister ng lola ni pangs).. i'm not really sure but i'm hoping she liked me 'cause she was really nice and kept on telling me to eat more para magkalaman naman daw ako, hehe.. she even told me na "iba daw ang sigla ni Raymond ngayon" bwahaha. whatever that means, lol! (sabi ni Pangs kinikilig daw ako, asuuuus) anyway, Dangwa naman after that. we went to 3 stalls, first one was Maeann's contact, 2nd was Joel of Bulaklak and 3rd was Weddings and Bouquets (c/o Manang Sungit).. Pangs didn't like the last one, she was much too opinionated but I liked her 'cause she seems to know what she is talking about.. i like talking to the owners/florists themselves 'cause they are able to give suggestions for flowers and actually know what flower i'm talking about.. the first 2 asked for 6k for my entourage (a total of 17 people, including the bride) and Ms. Sungit quoted 7500..

pagkatapos (mega gutom na ako nito, ndi ko lang pinapakita hehe!) we went to Megamall where Nanay Siony and Akel treated us at Dencio's (yumyum) tas straight to the Trade Fair ulit kami.. there, Nanay Siony was able to buy 2 barongs, 1 for my FIL2b and Pangs' Best man.. ganda ng barong, Piña Seda na Raya (?) meaning meh embroidery din sa likod, ndi lang scattered so medyo stand out ang Father of the Groom.. yung sa Dad ko, isa nalng kasi dun yung Raya kaya babalikan na lang daw nila kami (pati yung keh Pangs).. and mura dun, yung mga Piña Jusi na tela tag 1k lang.. tas yung mga pure piña (pero ndi Raya) tag 5k lang..

happy ako kasi mababait sila tsaka mukhang kaya-kaya nila yung pinagayang design ni Pangs sa kanila, i guess, let's just wait and see..

now i'm also thinking kung san kami titira ni pangs.. dapat pala nagtitripping na kami if we want our house to be ready by January..

yun muna, babayuu!


aMgiNe said...

buti pa mga ninang may bags from you, yong host kayaa???? hint hint hehe btw, tet hagape is the sister of my co-team lead. *winks* wala lang. hehe

geWi said...

tungakis, ndi mo na kelangang mag hint hint, sa laki ba naman ng natipid ko seyu, syempre meh gift ka! LOL! LABYu erlyn!

Marj and Carlos said...

Hi. I love Filipino products din. Meron pa bang trade fair? How did you know about it? I'm looking din for handmade paper dito, may contact ka ba? Sorry dami tanong ah, you seem to be knowledgeable about it kasi.