Tuesday, July 19, 2005

...tagaytay escapade

my blog yesterday, July 18, 2005

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i've got harry potter!! i didn't reserve a copy 'cause i knew they'll have a mountain of HP books like last time.. (besides, meh 10% off naman tlga!) hayyy.. i'm so low in cash..(but i'm categorizing HP as a "must-have" so :bleh) i guess super tipid mode na dapat.. (at least i'm reading HP lol!)

pangs and i went to Exclusively His during lunch and he just asked a quotation for his barong and pants..(he printed a picture of his desired design).. we'll know tomorrow maybe how much it'll cost..

anyway, more on Jho's wedding.. it was simple and elegant, and very well organized.. her flowers were great! i didn't know what kind it was.. here's her centerpiece..(inuna daw ba ang centerpiece kesa keh Jho, lol! that's Ma'am Marivic San Luis, different Marivic from my boss, and her husband..obvious ba kung ano kinukuhanan ko?)


okay, si Jho and Nonoi muna.. Jho looked radiant.. (makeup by Madge Ledano) and her bridal gown's made by Rosette of Something Borrowed

jho and lolo

think it's the first time i listened to the readings and sermon in a wedding.. perhaps because Caleruega is such a small church that you have no choice but to listen hehe.. Nonoi's brother is a priest so he was the one who made the sermon so it was extra special and meaningful for them.. i especially liked the unity candle part 'cause it was different.. they took the two big candles from the pillar and tied them together..i'll ask Jho if we too can do that in our wedding..


church, flowers at church (ganda!)

by the poste
picture taking muna lol!

the reception was held in Royale Tagaytay Estates..the food was okay, (grr ndi ko naenjoy kasi tinopak na naman tsan ko huhuhu) but i really liked their reception 'cause their program ran very smoothly and their Emcee was great (childhood friend of NoNoi and a former LP at Pramerica, small world ano?).. he was fluent and candid and knows how to adlib.. (i do think he's gay, though haahha.. kasi nung tinawag ako para sa bouquet chuva (ayoko kasi ang saket ng tsan ko pero nakita parin ako) mega describe siya sa suot ko.. "ooh, the girl with a lovely pink dress with a brown bow and her cute bolero".. oh dibuh, gay lang ang magdedescribe ng outfit noh! lol!) but inspite of his identity crisis (meh gf daw siya eh) he still proved to be a very good emcee..


ay ganda pala ng cake topper nila Jho..

after nun, liwaliw naman kami with Pramerica people sa tagaytay.. first at Sonya's Garden (suki na kami dito ni pangs, lol!)

here are the pictures: (prenups daw eh! haha! ang kukulit, meh mga director chuva pa kami!)

patawa kasi

nag bag of beans din kami (sawap ng strawberry milk shake) tas uwi na..

kakapressure tuloy wedding ni Jho, lol! well executed kasi eh.. meh funny moments din.. like si Jho, after ng sabay sila magsalita, tuloy-tuloy si Jho sa pagbasa pati yung "And I, by the power vested by the church" which is dapat sa pari na! lol! comedy talaga hehe! it just adds to the charm of her wedding..if my wedding turns half as nice as hers, okay sa alright na sa akin yon!



jane said...

pucha ka gewi! mukha tuloy akong baliw d2 sa cube ko!

natawa ko sobra dun sa kwento mo about jho reading the part of the ceremony na para na sa priest.. hahaha! funny moment! =p

anshe said...

tp! sama mo sa pre nup album mo ung pics nyo.. kakatuwa kau ni raymond..Ü

rEeYuH said...

kung bading un suot mo, shempre ganun din pag-describe nun =p bag of beans...un yata ung gusto nmen ni harbie na chix pie! di na namen nabalikan. =/

dont wori, m sure me funny momentS sa wedding mo...courtesy of d bride herself! hehe =)

harbie said...

geri! nagpunta kayo sa bag of beans?! sawap ng chicken and mushroom pie nila don! nilamok kami ni ria when we ate there, pero it's worth it, right espren? ;)

funny moments, hmmm, mukhang mami-miss ko yung mga yon sa wedding mo geri ah. hehehe!

gurls, on our respective wedding days, as long as tamang pangalan ng groom yung binanggit natin sa vows natin, then everything went smoothly. hehehe! ;-P