Wednesday, July 20, 2005

...lucky day

ohmygod, i'm in the middle of reading Harry Potter (nicked a soft copy from someone so i get to continue reading here in the office, bwahaha) and someone just said that ..

waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. if you haven't read it or don't want to know what's gonna happen, one major spoiler is coming up so don't continue reading if you don't wanna know..

where was i? yeah, a major character would be dying and it's.. dumbledore! ohmygod i have yet to confirm (i'm not even halfway thru the book!) but i already feel sick to the stomach just thinking about it.. huhuhhu.. how could JK rowling do this.. LOL! god, i'm so affected.. so far, everything's so interesting, much much better than the last book which bored to tears in the first part of the book.. (gusto ko na mag-gera eh! lol!) anyway, i'm feeling lucky today (like i've taken felix felicis) 'cause Ma'am M's absent (my supervisor) and i get to read a bit every once in a while.. it has taken every breath of my willpower to go to work today instead of staying at home and reading the whole book.. huhuhu.. can't believe he's dead..

btw, back to my Muggle world, I have asked my college kada, Erlyn to be my Emcee at my wedding! after a couple of muras (hehe) from her, i was able to convince her to do it but only if there's not one but two rehearsals (which i haven't thought about!) for her to get the feel and flow of the program..ooh erlyn, thank you, thank you very much.. thank you for being my emcee inspite knowing that you can't leave NCR that month , that i need 3 full days with you, that you'll probably not be able to eat during my wedding (don't worry! you get to partner with Raymond's friend so just take turns eating.. plus i'll tell the waiters to serve you your food so you won't have to line up on the buffet) that (as you said) you'll be needing a new dress, or have to go on a diet (which i really don't think you need) etc, etc.. thank you erlynnnnnn so, so much!! >:D< !!

let me continue reading HP! waaah! Ron just kissed Lavender Brown (not just kissed, full-blown snogging)..Hermione's livid with jealousy bwahahha *exciting* plus Harry likes Ginny!! (hehe, syempre sa love story ako naexcite!)


aMgiNe said...

i could tell by the tone of your voice when u called me that u r definitely going to ask for a huge huge favor! hmp! kundi lang kita mahal! lech! oo at isa pang lech!

Anonymous said...

huwaaaaaaaat? dumbledore died?? saad....hmm can't wait to get the book later after work..hehehe i love ron & hermione..

geWi said...

bwahahah labyu erlynnnnnnn ruthieeeeeeeee umuwi ka sa january uh! para makita mong magkalat si erlyn hahah jk jk!

jane said...

pucha ka geri!!!

d ko nga binasa post mo kasi sabi mo may spoiler..

putik! e may nagreact naman sa comments about it! leche talga! nasa chap 20 pa lang kaya ako..


Anonymous said...

may book na ren ako yehey! ay sowi, leche ba? na spoil kita hmm hehe. erlyn, wow i know ul do a great job!! goodluck hehehe pag ndi lang naman, paddle ka lang naman kay geri hehe. miss ko na kayong 2 ha!

geWi said...

jane! hahahahahahahah!!!! kala mo nakaligtas ka na, lol! sige, no more HP posts muna for me hanggang ndi mo nababasa.. pero you must know na si Snape was the one who killed Dumbledore. L O L!

Aggie said...

uy! pwede po ba makahingi din ng soft copy? hehehe. para may mabasa naman ako sa office besides wow emails! agathaaviso@yahooDOTcom :)