Wednesday, July 06, 2005

...the most expensive dress

...this coming from a girl who thinks that 150/bucks for a plain shirt is tooo much. hehe. i don't think i'll ever have anything more expensive than this.. i've got the sketches of my gown from Tet (she emailed them to me) it's like lace all over with a bit of beadwork on the waist.. Pangs found this on one of her magazines last July 2 when we were discussing my gowns.. (galing ng Pangs ko!) here it is:

CE gown

and here's the back with my looovely lacey train..

CE back

all for the low, low price of 18k.. yahoooeeyy!

here are the designs for my entou.. (c/o Tet, too) they're just very simple, my MOH (ate Chary) and Bridesmaid (Akel, Pangs' sister) would be wearing green with yellow ribbons.. (both are off-shoulder, Akel's the empire cut)

CE moh

they're 1400 and 1300 pesos respectively..(very cheap! cloth + labor!)

and my SS..they'll be in yellow with the green criss-cross ribbon in front, tea length lang so they can move freely) 3 flower girls will have ballroom skirts and a big band with different shades of green mini ribbons..

CE sec

1200 for my SS and 1300 for my flower girls.. a total of 28k (discounted na 200 bucks hehe).. family suki na kasi namin si Tet, kaya 18 lang yung gown ko 'cause laces could get expensive..

so, so happy.. who knew it would be my H2b who would discover my dream dress? Hurrah!


jane said...

nice gowns gewi! and mura ha.. hmmm.. tet ano ngang pangalan nya.. mwehehehe..

40k kasi tinatabi ko sa entourage.. kala ko kulang pa nga yun e.. may mas mura pa pla.. =D

nayz! ok sa budget a! =)

geWi said...

Tet Hagape.. i fully recommend her! text mo siya: 09178325285 / 6450076 sabihin mo nirefer siya ni Che Espinosa (dun nya ko kilala eh lol)

dionne said...

uy geri! ganda ng gown mo ah! =) i'm also a tet hagape bride. i have to set a sched with her to make the final designs then make the downpayment. what i like about her is that she's so easy to talk to. so nice! anyway, for sure pretty tayo sa wedding day natin because of tet! =)

tSaRoLsKiE said...

Gewi: waaaaaaaaakakaka ang ganda ng gown mo, and elegant ang dating ng mga gown ng bridesmaid ... shit! this is it talaga ha ... excited na akesh! hahahaha uwian naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

arevalos said...

wow sis... fellow Tet bride pala kita (kung dati ko pa nasabi yun, sensya, i can't keep track)

anyway...i'd get the sketches tom pa when i have my 2nd fitting :) ang galing no??? ang simple ng designs pero ang cute :)