Friday, July 08, 2005 fab cake

we've given the DP to judy uson! here's our cake *drum roll please*:

i fell in love with this cake the very first time i laid eyes on it.. hehe.. it has separate chiffon layers that our guests could enjoy (well, only a lucky 100, lol!) we ordered for chocolate (yipee!) 'cause i'm not much of a "carrot-walnut" fan, though ms. judy says that's her bestseller.. mine will only be 4 layers of chiffon cake, a top layer of white chocolate and a separate cutting cake..

so excited! ms judy's also very friendly and easy to talk too.. she texts us about meeting her (hindi tulad ng iba, kelangang kmi pa ang magtext!)

anyway, eat na ako lunch! brb!


jane said...

dude! hanep sa cake a! nayz! kala ko nga kanina nung nagbabasa ko nung egroups.. parang satellite cake yung tipo.. iba pla.. =)

you're almost done pare.. kewl!

arevalos said...

sheff sis... ako'y super fan ng white chocolate... kaya parang ang sarap ever ng cake mo!!!!

(would you mind very much if you email me how much that would cost? po... am still cake-less kasi eh)

~Glo~ said...

Hi fellow Judy Uson bride here. i'll link you up ha! Nga pala, I like your blog. Very neat, install ka ng comment box. :)

dionne said...

yummy! danda danda naman ng cake! =)

Anonymous said...

hindi na tayo pareho....d pala siya kasama sa package ng upgrade namin. hehehehe - anna -

Marj and Carlos said...

Hi yah. Ganda ng cake at mukhang yummy siya.

Aggie said...

UY!!! I love the cake...Im hungry na agad!

(once i fix my blog, im a link you up!)