Tuesday, January 06, 2004

My blog yesterday, January 5, 2004

System Time: 8:21 AM
it's a brand new year.. 2004.. time for resolutions.. i'll try to make them feasible and attainable.. something that i could really do, if i try my best.. so forget 'bout quitting smoking, ok?

1. to go to work everyday (lol 'nuff said)
..will have to get rid of my habit of counting my hours of absences and my 2 absences/ month habit

2. save, save, save my money
..waahhh still have no savings account.. won't be able to have one this month.. am still paying for my F4 ticket, lol.. i'll probably start saving by February.. if i'm still at Prumerica.. my contract's expiring this month.. don't know if they'll extend it.. but as long as i get another project, i'll be able to save a bit from the project incentive.. though i AM thinking of buying a drum set.. dad and i went to quiapo (to buy coaxial cable...wasn't able to buy a single DVD 'cause there were no new ones.. grrr) and inquired on the price of a Fernando drum set.. 11 thou only! didn't even start haggling for it, so it could go lower still.. ei i could buy that! (with dad's paylighter system of course, lol) soooo saving could be really difficult.. but i'll really try.. even if it's just 500 bucks per payday..

3. concentrate on work WHEN working (hehe)

System Time: 5:39 PM
wow.. lufet ko, ndi nga ako nagblog.. dami ko nagawa.. kasi deadline ko sa friday eh, lol.. kita kami ni momi.. uwi na ko..babay!

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