Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My blog last January 21, 2003:

System Time: 8:37 AM
*deep sigh* i'm in a slump. what's new. it's the fucking new year and i still have slumps.. it's the first working day for me.. yeah, on a wednesday.. didn't go to work for 2 days.. i was so close to not going to work again today.. hay.. at least i didn't smoke for 4 days.. (smoked just this morning) .. texted ria.. need friend support.. am having lunch with her later.. haaaaaay.. will probably be going to work on saturdays just to offset my absences.. dammit.. it's my fault, i know.. it's still 6 months 'til my bond expires.. i'd have to cope up 'til then..ang tagal powtah. kakaurat. -_-

System Time: 4:31 PM
..will meet Irvie and Eugene (info, not kups) later after work.. still need all friend forces that i could get.. had lunch with ria.. she ate while i complained and whined and bitched about life in general.. great friend.. *hugs ria sa isip* lol..

System Time: 5:06 PM
ano ba yan.. ako nagdodocument, ako nagdedebug, ako pa nagtetest! tama ba yon!! >_< tinetest ko ang sariling kong ginawa.. bwiset. dapat conclusive pa yung test.. syempre natural na itetest ko yung pinorogram ko pero putek ndi naman final ek ek yun.. meron talagang taga test tlga para masabi tlga na bug free na.. taena namann.. hay.. chet malapit na si irvie! yey alis na ako after 15 minutes! babay!

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