Saturday, January 17, 2004

My blog last January 15, 2004

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just hate shuttle newbies... hate, hate, hate them 'cause they don't know that there are unwritten RULES when you commute via a shuttle service

1. passengers SLEEP during the trip
2. if you're not sleepy.. that's fine as long as you're not talking
3. if you're with companion and talking is inevitable, do so in hushed voices as to not disturb the people sleeping.
4. sit properly! don't lean on the person beside you. (especially if you weigh more than 150 lbs)
5. everyone pays the fare at the same time. (this is usually when the driver turns on the light, mainly for the passengers to see in the dark AND to wake up sleeping passengers) someone volunteers to collect everyone's fare and give change if change is available.
6. the person directly behind the driver is the designated messenger. he or she tells gives the collected fare to the driver and tells the driver if someone still has change. she must have a good memory to be able to relay the correct message (example: "dalawang 15, isang ten , isang 65 at isang 5 daw po!")

lol! simple enough right??? absolutely HAAATE newbies in shuttles AND those kupals who ignore the rules..

la lng, hehe.. uwi na ko! sana makatulog ako at walang maingay sa shuttle at walang sasandal saken ng sobrang taba na magmamanhid yung buong arm at legs ko at walang magbabayad ng maaga! *bow* babay!

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