Friday, January 09, 2004

System Time: 8:20 AM
didn't go to work yesterday.. there goes my new year's resolution.. it's the error i'm currently working on's fault.. (:p) it's enough to keep me from wanting to leave my bed.. i'm stuck, i feel hopeless and freakingly frustrated.. i already added a validation on the codes and all i want now is to set focus back on the textbox.. if this was VB i'd just like put and that's that.. but on VC++.. waah, it's a different story.. *HUHUHU*.. eto na naman ako sa bwiset na VC++ na toh.. *slumps back in chair* hmpftt.

*sighs*.. even went home last wednesday early.. left at around 3 pm.. i did visit ate Jeanie at Infostructure..there were a lot of new employees there but the "core" info team still exists.. was quite happy to see them.. (nagmature daw ako sabi ni ate jeanie, lol).. can't believe it's been 2 years since i last set foot in the Info office..

/me kanta.. parang kailan lang...

System Time: 1:27 PM
..still documenting the changes i made in LIPS.. didn't use the setfocus anymore.. kaka kasi.. changed the logic, program just returns the correct values after it has validated.. hope bumilis ng konti ang oras.. brb, balik work..

System Time: 5:15 PM
finished most of the documentation.. will be going to G4 to meet kuyuh rony and the others.. it's kuyuh rony's birthday on sunday! happy beerday!!

ayy.. just received his text message.. andun na daw siya sa Timezone.. uy alis na rin ako.. gusto ko magtimecrisis! hehe..babay!

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