Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My blog last January 23, 2003:

System Time: 12:45 PM
T-G-I-F! but i'm going to work tomorrow.. but it's ok.. going to work on saturdays is better than on mondays.. weird,.. but i've got the perfect logic.. on saturdays, bosses are usually not around.. so you could go willy-wallying inside the office without constantly looking behind your back to check if your boss is watching...

the meeting yesterday went quite well, to my surprise.. didn't feel that pressured anymore 'cause they just decided to fix bugs that are the most important and solveable... (yeah, "memory could not be written" error is trashed.. hurrah!) plus i finally got some luck in this stupid program.. figured out a pattern in one of the so-called errors.. when i knew WHEN the error occured, fixed it up in about a minute *yabang mode*.. basta, am so freaking happy and TG for his blessing.. hehe.. tenkyu po ulit at naawa kayo saken lol! .. am working on the pattern of another error living up the benedictine rule.. ora et labora, pray and work.. so habang nagdedebug ako at nagtetest, meh kasamang dasal.. hehe..baka pagbigyan ulit ako ni god, hihihi..

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