Wednesday, December 31, 2003

System Time: 9:04 AM
i could swear i heard art's name on the radio.. i'm really worried.. 'cause it was one of those person-suddenly-brings-out-a-gun-and-shoots sort of news.. i heard.. " *sumting* arthur gonzales.. nag-aaral sa sumting (PCU rinig ko eh?) nakatira sa *sumting* Tondo, Manila. shit! art lives in Tondo. the reporter said that he and his friend and his friend's girlfriend where walking in Tondo when the suspect approached them and got into a fight.. they argued about the girl (the report said Alan sumting, his friend is the one arguing with the suspect/s) then suddenly the suspect brought out a gun and fired at Alan sumting. the reporter said Alan sumting died. i heard art's name while lying in bed.. was from the Radio downstairs so i was still half-asleep.. but i swore it was "Arthur gonzales".. but what caught my attention (and made me bolt down the stairs) was that the reporter told that this "Arthur Gonzales" was a student and a resident of Tondo Manila.. God, it must be him. I called his landline, but nobody's answering. he doesn't have a phone but he sometimes texts me using his father's so i texted that. still no reply. PLEASE let him be fine. or let it just be a different arthur gonzales.

System Time: 9:16 AM
called Art's house again, this time someone answered. Asa probinsya daw siya. TG!! wow.. must be another arthur gonzales.. must be weird having someone else's name.. but still, *whew* TG talaga.

.. anyway, dropped by Radix this morning.. copied VB templates and other VB source codes that i might need here.. Ma'am M gave me a new project yesterday, it's quite simple but it's still a whole new system so i'm starting from scratch. no database, no pseudocodes.. i'll be doing everything..haven't worked on vb codes for almost 3 months so i've forgotten the templates we used.. still, i'm happy working on this.. mainly because it's in VB, so i wouldn't be having a difficult time researching for syntaxes and relying on plain dumb luck to solve bugs, lol..

System Time: 9:42 AM
just read sistah's blog. nangingilabot parin ako. *shudders* .. could it've been a ghost? or just a dream? i have super realistic dreams all the time, almost every night.. dreams that make you think that you could actually feel a person's touch.. a vampire's bite.. and sex. lol! i've had sex dreams and they felt REALLY real. every aspect of sex... i've felt it in my dreams.. sometimes i would recognize the person i'm doing it with.. but often, i would forget the man (or woman, LOL!).. paminsan kiss lang pero super realistic tlga, lol..

ay putek. nagtext si Art. "Ate geri!!! Bkt ano meron sa radio? Patay na daw ako?" langya talaga toh, after akong kabahan. *wapaks kuyuh* asa Nueva Ecija siya.. TG :)

System Time: 5:53 PM
gtg! saya ng busy sa work hehe! babay!

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