Wednesday, January 28, 2004

so glad i bought sloppy firsts.

can't believe that an adult actually wrote this novel. it's waaaay 2 kewl. (as in supah) i bought and just finished reading second helpings (the sequel). am still blown away but it.. it's not life altering and spiritual like The Alchemist..nothing like that... it's about a 16 year old highschool student, so how deep can it get? but.. BUT.. i really, really liked Jessica Darling, the book's main character.. it's actually her journal.. and after reading a LOT of books made by british authors... who would think that i would actually find an american book refreshing.. it's THE highschool novel of all time.. it felt so real, i actually fell in love with Marcus Flutie, her quote loveteam unquote (har har har.. you've got to read it, i swear).

i feel like i complain about the pettiest things.. really miniscule irkless things.. i know now what's wrong with me.. it's exactly how Jessica's mom said it.. "put things in perspective..."

and so in one my Jessica's entries, she said this..
"it kind of makes me wish that the worst thing that will ever happen to me will just hurry up and happen already. That way i could live the rest of my life in bliss, if only because i know how much worse things could be."

that's it. i'm like Jessica. the most devasting thing that have ever happened to me (as in personally) was when i stole some library books and got caught doing it. (happened during my 5th grade hehe) i ended up with a couple of NIs in my report card and got demoted out of my honors class. and the fact that my partner in crime, my so-called bestfriend didn't. lol! but at least i talk about happy things. Jessica doesn't. her journal is filled only with her unending angst and complains bout her sucky highschool, pineville high and her life in general. am still thinking 'bout the novel.. and i plan on reading it again.. which is a rarity for me, 'cause once i've finished reading it again, its pages never open again. (except for harry potpot books..i had to memorize some of the stuff to answer harry potpot trivia). i read in the author's website ( that she's already working on the 3rd book, tentatively titled charmed thirds.. release on 2005..god i can't wait. (i want marcus! lol)

for now, i'd hafto content myself with re-reading the 2 books and hope's (jessica's bestfriend) e-mails to her, published on

off to work. later!

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