Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My blog last January 22, 2003:

System Time: 9:46 AM
.. i've been editing and re-editing this specific blog entry for the nth time.. it's just that i've got so much stuff on my mind.. what i'm currently excited about.. future plans.. but they're just that.. plans, plans and endless plans.. i've been blabbing about plans i have that have yet to become a reality.. maybe i should stop talking about it for a second and actually do something to make it happen..

/me zips mouth.

ei ei.. just tell you bout last night.. had dinner with irvie and eugene.. it's been ages (well, in eugene's case.. eugene info not kups) since i last saw them.. was laughing the whole night listening to their stories..irvie wanted to meet dex so we waited for him at the triangle.. i introduced him to them then he left after that, he still had work.. (pinagod lng namin siya, in short hehe) asked irvie what her first impression is of dex.. "mukhang ok naman, cute" .. yey! lol..

System Time: 10:03 AM
ma'am M's not in yet.. sana absent! mukhang absent din si Sir Joel eh.. *crosses fingers*.. was hoping to drop by Powerbooks today.. 20% off daw sabi ni ate might have a long lunch today..

texted kate, nagreply na siya.. sabay daw kami puntang powerbooks.. double yey!

System Time: 10:33 AM
nyeh.. dito na si Ma'am M .. :( .. *hinagpis*.. pro punta parin ako powerbooks.. :bleh

System Time: 11:12 AM
finally found the nerve to call Ma'am Q and really, really complain bout my extended stay here at prumerica.. told her that i'm STILL using vc++.. and that the relaunch for this LIPS program is on March.. and I'M gonna be the one responsible if it flops.. me and solely me! i'm the one man freaking programming department.. and i don't even KNOW vc++! shit

System Time: 1:13 PM
..bought a book! wee! 20% off! bought Sloppy Firsts.. i'm a sucker for books with sequels/trilogies.. saw the sequel at National Bookstore last time, Second Helpings.. so i'll probably buy that this weekend.. Kate bought Veronika Decides to Die, By the River Piedra and Pink Slip.. i had to walk away from the book shelves after i picked up Sloppy.. can't afford to buy more than 1 (kasi nga bibilin ko rin yung Second Helpings)

..momi just texted me.. hintayin ko pa daw siya kasi 7pm pa break nya (instead of the usual 6).. told him it's ok 'cause i need to extend my working hours to offset my absences anyway..

god, am so psyched to start reading.. (lol..werdu)

wanna get out of the office already.. wahaha..

reasons why not to log out early:
1. i already have 3 (yep, 3) absences for this month.. jan. 8, 19 and 20.
2. all my excuses have been used. (need to invent new ones)
3. have a meeting (lecheng LIPS) at 3 pm
4. 7pm pa si dex

*sighs* am stuck.

/me mukmok sa harap ng monitor

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