Sunday, November 09, 2003

System Time: 9:50 AM
Gud morning! let me start my blog by borrowing some words from ate cha's blog.. i feel exactly the same way..

You might think I’m stupid but the feelings that I have for that person, it makes me feel so contented. I don’t seek for anything else. I’m just happy having this feeling. And I don’t really give a damn if he doesn’t feel the same way. I’m happy and contented. So let me just have this feeling .. don’t ask me to let it go, this is the only thing I have. Let me just feel it for now and let it die the natural way.

right on.

i haven't talked about him.. for the looongest time.. but i still think about him.. when i'm alone or before going to sleep.. he's like a dream for me now.. a dream that will remain unfulfilled.. but i'm fine with that, believe it or not.. i don't even want to forget this feeling.. 'cause i feel that if i lose it, i'm not me anymore.. it sounds weird, yes.. and a little bit pathetic..i'm 99% sure he doesn't think of me any longer, but i frankly don't care... i just know that when the time comes that he'll need someone to talk to.. i'll be here for him.. i do miss him terribly.. but i'm no longer depressed by his non-existence in my life.. i just learned to store him and his memories in some part of my soul, safely detached from my present world, but still very much important and cherished.. mizunapc

*wapaks sarili* lol!

i'm now at prumerica.. haven't done a single work related thing yet.. just copied my friends' blog entries in a notepad and i plan on reading them this morning.. also searched and copied the episode guides for this new koreanovela flick, Winter Sonata.. i'm so busy noh? lol! can't believe i'm at work on a saturday.. so excuse me if i'm not on my employee-programmer mood.. hmm.. will continue reading their blogs.. brb..

System Time: 10:30 AM
i guess some could say i'm unfair to momi...and sometimes i would really feel awful and guilty..

he's the best. really. the best-esssst. i couldn't ask for more. and as i said before, pc's my impossible love.. everyone has to have one....with dex, i can't imagine life without him. he's my reality. i can tell everyone right now that yep, he's the most important person in my life now.. he's so good to me that sometimes i feel i'm not good enough for him.... but one look from him and all my anxieties disappear..

System Time: 10:52 AM
..pwe.. my hot choco's not hot anymore.. hmm.. i'll be probably eating alone for lunch today.. ok lang.. i'm hoping momi will come here and meet me after work..(if you call this work lol)

..basahin ko na yung Winter Sonata... you think i have the chance of being an "employee of the month?" .... i didn't think so, also, lol

ayp.. before i forget.. i CAN'T believe pinutol ng GMA yung Marmalade boy! as innnnn.. kakainish.. supposed to be last episode na yun pero i beg to disagree! mah gassss! huhuhuhu.. you see, after each episode, it shows a few scenes from the next one.. and chet.. ala pa kaya mga yun! as in, ndi ko pa napapanood mga yun.. wahh kainish tlga. hmpft. hay. i have to get a copy of that.. sana magkaroon sa quiapo, lol! anyway, sir Loret is gonna go down to smoke so i have time to make a quick login at friendster and see what ate cha's been ranting about hehe.. (makikitsismis ako in short) and che.. i don't even know if you read my blog.. but all i can say is.. bilib ako sayo. as in. from the bottom of my heart. go girl! hoyy update mo ko pag meh gig si Jayr dito sa makati or ortigas at friday night siya.. lol..

System Time: 11:27 AM
.. yess lapit na lunch.. kewl pala friendster.. lol! lamko napaka jurassic ko naman at ngayon ko lng nalaman pero i've been very busy and so disconnected that i haven't really paid any attention to the invites etc.. i just signed up and that was that.. di ako mashado makaporma dito sa office at makapagbrowse ng todo pero i'll try to liven up my friendster account a bit at home.. pero big thanks talaga keh mel and ruth.. lamko wala lang kayong magawa dyan (lol!) at ginawan nyo ako ng testimonial without me asking you to do it.. really means a lot and i truly truly appreciate your friendship. miss na kita mel *wapaks* don't forget our corregidor adventure! lol! oi ruth wahh sis uwi ka na dito. kainish ka, UWI NA! lol!

hay bili na ako ng food.

System Time: 12:17 PM
/me burps. esmyuski. ^-^

i wasn't really in the mood to eat rice so i bought some noodle soup instead.. it's miso ramen.. i happen to looove miso soup.. ate ging even brought home some instant miso packets.. (yum yum).. the miso noodle i ate a while ago was a little on the bland side.. but it's okay.. i'm still full and sleepy *yawns*

grabe. i really don't want to program today. i'm counting the minutes till 5 pm.. (actually mga 5:30 pa ata dapat.. think i timed in around 8:30 am) .. there's actually a lot of people here (get a life people! lol!) .. but TG only Sir Loret is present from the IT dept.. i can just sit here in front my PC (i just love saying that, lol!) and stare at him este it. *wapaks sarili* hahaha. kasiiiiiiiiiiiiii the people to blame are ate cha and che. nasesenti ako senyu uh haha! ANYWAY,..i can't think of a single thing to say anymore so i'll just read the episode guide..

System Time: 2:06 PM
..i'm bored. hay. i wanna go home. BUT i still have 3 hours left.. getting dizzy reading this Winter sonata thing.. hirap magrecall ng mga korean names uh, lol! can't even decipher if it's a girl or a guy's name.. hmm..

System Time: 3:59 PM
woohoo.. lapit na 5pm.. went to the Coffee Bean with Ate Pretz.. she gave me some tips on how to log in my hours in the Timesheet.. (read: mga daya) katuwa.. tas i bought tea instead of my usual frappe.. Fragrant Night Jasmine.. to tell you the truth.. had to put 3 packs of sugar just for me to finish the drink, lol.. guess i'm not a tea drinker.. but it does smell really nice.. should have bought the honey stick para siguro mas masarap..

System Time: 4:07 PM
finished the WS.. hehe.. alam ko na ending and nobody dies! yipeee lol!

System Time: 4:16 PM
momi can't make it.. pauwi pa lng daw sila, he helped kasi sa errand ng uncle nya.. he still wanted to go and meet me but i told him he should just rest.. tsaka gusto ko na rin kasing umuwi.. sana ndi mashado traffic.. (asa pa ako, lol) hayy.. bagal na naman ng oras.. should have bought some magazines, lol.. grabe.. ala talaga akong ginawa today, ..bwahaha.. basta meh work hours ako, oki na toh! lol! bahala na sa lunes!

System Time: 4:27 PM
wow. the blinds are open again and have this awesome view of the sunset.. we're on the 34th floor and i could see the whole pasay area (well, i think pasay nga ito lol kasi kita ko Manila Bay eh).. makes me want to learn how to paint just so i could paint what i'm seeing right now hehe.. as ip ano haha.. hay. just realized i have SO MANY unfinished projects.. i don't want to enumerate them, kakadepress.. i should probably finish all of them, before the year ends.. so i could welcome the new year with nothing left hanging.. (basta parang ganon hehe)

System Time: 4:49 PM
..asked the guard what time i timed in.. 8:19 daw.. yehey.. kala ko mga 8:30 pa eh lol.. uwi ako on the dot..5:19 pm lolz!

lapit na pala magbigay ng bonus uh.. excited na ako! lol! actually i'm having an internal debate whether i would use it and buy something or save it.. para naman magkasavings ako ano! powtah ala akong ipon, as in. hay.. tas pag inisip ko kung gagastusin ko, ano naman bibilin ko, .. eh ang dami kong gustong bilin lol.. eh yung mga gusto ko medyo EXPENSIVE talaga kaya isa lang tlga mabibili ko.. it's either a digicam, a new phone, a PDA, a portable mp3 player (yung gusto ko Creative Muvo or yung Ipod or yung Rio Riot ko waahh) or a drumset.. grabe.. lol! tas paminsan naman iisipin ko,.. parang chet sayang isang gastusan lang.. isave ko na lng kaya para pag dumating F4 dito eh asa front row ako powtah khet 10000 php pa yung ticket, kaya kong bilin hahahahah! F4 parin ano, lolz.. yung mga binanggit ko na stuff yan na ang pinaka wish list ko sa mga material things.. kaya pag tinatamad akong magwerk (yung tipong ndi ako mamotivate na pumasok) sinasabi ko sa sarili ko.. "focus on the money, focus on the money" LOL! kasi dibuh, when all else fails.. just think of the financial rewards work brings to you.. hehehehe..

System Time: 5:07 PM
..chet nagbibilang na ako ng minuto.. 12 minutes to go.. lol! malapit naaaaaaa kaya ko tohhhh.

System Time: 5:18 PM
YESSSSSSSSSS I MADE it! lol! i'm so fucking proud of mahselp. lol! powtah nagpanggap ako ng 9 hours.. hehe.. bye all! magliligpit na ako!

System Time: 12:32 AM
ano buh. nagtype ako tas nawala at nag page cannot be displayed ek ek. hay. anyway..just said that i'm now here sa bahay and watched a couple of dvds.. livewire and speed. meh connection yung 2 uh, the main characters are bomb detonators.. basta parang ganon.. kanina pala meh katangahan na naman akong ginawa.. kasi umalis na ako sa enterprise exaktong 5:19 pm.. tas lakad na ako papuntang stock exchange kasi andun yung pila ng shuttle.. tas powtah.. asa loob na ako, .. bigla kong naisip na ndi ko pala nailagay sa bag ko yung disc na toh.. as in the disc that contains my blog for the day.. taena.. eh ayokong iwan yun baka meh makabasa na taga prumerica.. ayun.. labas ako ng shuttle sabay balik sa enterprise.. bad trip.. nakasakay ako 6 pm na..hay karma kagad. la daw kasi akong ginawa sa trabaho, lol!

cge babay na! umaga na eh , lol gudnitey.

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