Friday, November 14, 2003

System Time: 8:31 AM last, salary kicked in.. will try to be rigid and follow a strict budget,.. have to take note of my expenses 'cause i seem to be short on money all the time.. obviously, cannot list it here (you'll see all my credit hihihi) so will write list in piece of paper and follow it by heart.. *crosses fingers*

System Time: 8:41 AM
..will just write my christmas shopping list here..

1. Auntie Boots
2. Auntie Ellen
3. Auntie Lorna

1. Tito Ardie
2. Tito Meynard
3. Tito Recheng

4. Auntie Mayette

5. Uncle Mon

6.Lola (sta.mesa)

7. Siege - boy (4 yrs old?)
8. Liam - boy (ahmm... 2?)

9. Chin²
10. Migs

..think that's it.. in the family, that is....soo,..budget time..
3 Ninangs (@ 250) = 750 php
3 Ninongs ( @ 250) = 750
Auntie M ( @ 100) = 100
Uncle M ( @ 100) = 100
Lola ( @ 250) = 250
Siege ( @ 500) = 500
Liam ( @ 500) = 500
Chin² ( @ 100) = 100
Migs ( @ 100) = 100
3150 PHP... whaaaaaaaat!?

okey shitty.. mom, dad, ate ging and ate chary are not even in that list.. hmm.. what if i just spend 200 for my ninongs/ninangs.. but what would i buy with only 200 bucks.. 250 nga pahirapan na yun eh.. wahhhh dilemma, dilemma..

System Time: 9:16 AM
..looks like i'll be going to the Jerry/Vic/Barbie thing on the 29th.. la kong makitang kasing jologs ko na bibili ng tiket lol.. hmm.. ok parin.. /me kanta... wo shinnn, chanda chanda chandaaaa wo aii niiiiiii lol!

System Time: 9:19 AM
shit just remembered. magbibirthday pala ako.. waah gastos.. you think i could get away without treating anybody? hihihi...nahhh.. didn't think so either..

System Time: 9:43 AM
..this is gonna be one looong day. hu-hum.. will leave here at exactly 5 pm and go to Radix.. papakain kasi Nov. celebrants (kasama ako dun.. para malasapan ko naman yung 350 ko noh!) tsaka kukunin ko allowance ko.. grabe inipon ko tlga yun at sadyang ndi kinukuha.. pambayad sa ticket nila Jerry hihihi..

System Time: 9:47 AM
oh no. i'm having cold symptoms.. sore throat.. aching²/minute.. chet. naulanan kasi ako kahapon nung umuwi kami ni momi.. dali ko tlgang magkasakit.. pero yokooo. lalaban ako! (pinaka-hate ko tlga ang magkasipon)

System Time: 10:03 AM
..just got off the phone..been talking to davis.. 'cause i wrote a testimonial for him and when i tried posting it last night, discovered that he wasn't my friendster friend any more! asked him if he deleted me hihih (syempre ndi).. stupid friendster.. hmpft. i'm so proud pa naman of my testi for him.. lol.. ay.. remember how i couldn't recall jamie's surname.. galing².. received a request friend ek ek from her last night.. jamie navarro nga pala.. *wapaks sarili* .. katuwa tlga at in-add nya ko as her friend, hihihi

System Time: 10:15 AM
..prumerica people received their bonuses already.. hay, kelan kaya kami? still haven't decided what i'll do with it.. whether to save it or spend it..

System Time: 10:47 AM
..having my usual Friday lunch crisis.. sino pwede kong kasabay.. texted ria (didn't reply. HMPFT).. si kate,.. meh kasamang officemates, pero pwede daw akong maki-hitch.. di kaya dyahe?

System time: 10:50 AM
ayun! received SMS from Kate, oki daw dito na lng kami kain.. wee!

System Time: 12:30 PM
..just had lunch with Kate.. and yosi.. anyway, before that, the user who tests the LIPS (program i'm modifying) approached me and reported some bug she allegedly found.. grabe.. my heart was beating so fast (plus i felt slightly nauseous, lol) while she was talking to me.. i mean, i KNOW i tested that part.. the saving part and never encountered problems with it.. so i had lunch today with my mind on the program.. now, Sir Phil said that Ma'am B (the user) told him to tell me that perhaps, it was just a user error and it might not be a problem of the system after all.. *huge sense of relief* hay.. pero kabado parin ako mah gas, lol!

System Time: 1:01 PM
ay.. meh nagbigay ng brownies.. tsalap²..

System Time: 2:00 PM
..checking my yahoo mail thru wap..ohdibuh bilis ng oras hehe.. check ulit.. hihihi

System Time: 2:36 PM
..brr lamig.inaantok na naman ako. *sighs*

System Time: 3:41 PM na ko magawa..reading some forwarded e-mail..kakatawa..parang "excuse letters" ng mga parents para sa school dhel nag-absent mga anak nila..

Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick and I had her shot. ... meh sakit na nga, binaril pa! lol!

Dear School:
Please ekscuse John being absent on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and also 33.
.. lol! loko.

pero dito tlga ako natawa...

Please excuse Jennifer for missing school yesterday. We forgot to get the Sunday paper off the porch, and when we found it Monday, we thought it was Sunday.

LOL! winner!!! baka pwede ring tong excuse sa werk! hihihi!

System Time: 4:17 PM
my itinerary for tonight..
5:00.. log out time...will proceed to Radix
5:30..estimated time of arrival at Radix
5:31-5:45 tsibog kung meh natira pang food
5:46-6:15 check friendster
6:16..leave for megamall to meet other Radix ofismeyts
7:00 estimated time of arrival at Big Shot
9:00 uwi na.. PRAMIS 9 TLGA.. la maghahatid saken eh..

Thou shall not forget while at Radix to:
.. return Jiro's DVD
.. ask for allowance
.. ask for payslips
.. ask for CDRs from Sir Herbert
.. call my mom what time i'll be home

feel so organized. hihihi. all i've got to do is follow this sched.. as ip. lol.

System Time: 4:27 PM
think i need a haircut..beginnings of potential split hairs are visible.. only reason my hair isn't in it's usual short do is want to see how long i could bear to grow it.. hehe.. malapit na akong mainis.. shoulder length na kasi, lagi fly-away kakairita kaya lagi akong naka-pony tuloy..gusto ko na atang pagupit, tulad ng hair ni Arimi dun sa Marmalade boy hehe..

System Time: 4:51 PM <--alis na ko khet maaga pa. di ko na kayang magpanggap for another second! babayy!

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