Wednesday, November 19, 2003

System Time: 8:25 AM
gud mawnin.. *yawns* ..arrived a few minutes before 8..decided that i don't wanna go to work on a saturday so i'm trying to offset my hours on weekdays...

..also thinking whether to celebrate my birthday or not.. i mean, if i should have people come over our house etc... or maybe i could just spend it with my family, since it's a holiday and all..

heard Sir Tony..he's here.. brb

System Time: 8:53 AM
..realized was painting the wrong form. AFTER i have finished it. chet chet chet! *wapak wapak wapak* huhuhu! BRB!

System Time: 12:37 PM
..hay. feel so weak. should really exercise even if only on weekends. my only exercise is when i walk to and fro the walkway so i could have a smoke. hay. so much stuff i want to do.
1. my unfinished projects (websites, fansites, novel, ETC)
2. exercise.. something constant/scheduled
3. practice driving

hay. my dad keeps telling me that i should practice driving everyday. at least up to Masinag. sabi nya nakakalimutan ko daw kasi pag ndi ako napapraktis. lammo yun, parang nababano ulit ako. anyway, this saturday, pramis tlga i'll practice.

only problem is to wake up early. hu-hum.

System Time: 12:50 PM
kakatamad ng magpaint nitong form. but at least it's a greeat way to kill time.. yes, should focus on that.

System Time: 12:52 PM
maybe should just bug people to write a testimonial for me. hmm.

System Time: 12:54 PM
just texted erlyn and irvie. hay. trabaho na nga ako.

System Time: 2:36 PM
have finished painting (at last) the form.. am now modifying the documentation.. (wow. magigising ako dito.) *sighs* grr tagal ng.. oops.. promised myself will not notice time anymore.. as if i don't write the system time in each entry. duh.

System Time: 2:46 PM
ohmigod this is soo boring.

System Time: 3:06 PM

System Time: 3:28 PM
ano bang masarap kainin mamayang gabi... hmm.. last night i ate spaghetti putanesca.. sarap.. pero konti lng kasi eh.. gusto ko ata ng tempura. tama. tempura! waah gusto ko ng mag 7pm. :~(

System Time: 4:24 PM
ok sana yung putanesca eh, just like how my mom makes it.. pero ang konti.. hmm.. tama tempura na lng..

System Time: 4:26 PM
..ndi ba dapat nagtitipid ako..hmm.. food naman eh, so okay lng yun dibuh?

System Time: 4:29 PM
nagbabaon naman ako ng lunch eh.. so alang gastos dun.. pero araw² naman akong nagdidinner dito.. eek. *focuses on "FOOD toh, ok lang gumastos"*

System Time: 4:33 PM
..ang bagal ng oras. kakauraaaaaaaaat.

..Sir Joel, Sir Felix and Sir Philbert are downstairs.. meh tiangge kasi sa 28th floor.. kainggit. gusto ko rin pumunta. *sighs* hirap tlga ng contractor! kung Radix lang toh, kanina pa ako andun. lol!

..oops they're back. BRB!

System Time: 5:16 PM
less than 2 hours to go.. (see? positive thinker na ko.. instead of saying "1 and sumting hours pa"!)

System Time: 5:28 PM
i don't think i can wait till 7 pm to go home.. hindiiiiiii, kaya ko tohhh! kelangang magoffset!

System Time: 6:22 PM
woohooo ilang minuto na lng! actually, i can time out as early as 6:45 'cause i think i logged in at 7:45 am.. gugutom na ko eh..

System Time: 6:30 PM
sarap siguro ng tempura. hmm. tsaka sashimi. magbento meal na lng kaya ako. pero 150 bucks yun. hmm. pero sarap din sa City Bites, yung sausage nila. pero 95 yun. yung tempura, 90 ata. HMMM.

..chet, my stomach's rumbling.

System Time: 6:41 PM
..been reading my past blogs.. i already bought a gift for my 2 inaanaks.. but i went over my budget by 130 bucks.. hirap tlgang bumili kasi.. tas lahat mahal.. bought a toy keyboard for Siege and Electronic Teacher ek ek for Liam.. parehong wala pang battery! chet, bibili pa pala ako nun.. sabi pala ni ate pretz, this friday na ang 13th month namin! wee!

System Time: 6:44 PM
pack up na ko (parang shooting hehe).. babayyuu!

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