Friday, November 07, 2003

3:28 PM

i'm in my "slump" phase. i didn't report at work for 3 whole days. now i feel a bit better.. i guess i'm just really, really tired and i needed to rest and relax... workstation's kinda positioned near the window, and i've got a great view of Makati and Pasay Area... i could even see Manila de Bay.. the sun is at its highest now, the blinds are open so sunlight is directly on my face.. but i'm not bothered by it.. it's pleasant actually, feeling the sun but not sweating.. so unlike the usual climate here.. where basically sun = sweat..

3:52 PM
NYEH. sinarado yung blinds. Lol! la na ko view :(

4:02 PM
haaaaay.. had lunch with ria yesterday.. i needed someone to talk to... a real live person.. i feel that momi is already getting sick of my complains at work.. he just doesn't understand how tiring my work is.. yeah, i just sit all day in front of a monitor.. but believe.. it IS tiring... Ria feels it too.. like we are just pushing ourselves to do this kind of work because it's what's most logical... i feel this isn't what i want to do.. that there's something out there that's for me that i would enjoy doing..

...pero what if... there's nothing.. that this is as good as it gets.. i mean, why am i NOT happy? i'm a freakin programmer for goodness' sake.. there's some sort of respect i always get when i tell people what i do.. but that's just it.. i feel like a fraud, that i actually LIKE doing my work..


maybe i'm just PLAIN LAZY.. i used to want to be a teacher.. i still do actually,.. but what if i get sick of it also, feel the same way after doing it for a few months.. what then? i can't go bouncing from one career path to the next... haaaaaay... katuwa nga mom ko.. i told my parents about all this.. and my mom said.. "sana talaga manalo kao sa lotto para hindi ka na magtrabaho" LOL!!! i felt better instantly. :)

5:03 PM <--yesss less than an hour to go!
gotta remember to watch the evening news and spot jerry yan.. hehe.. he's HEREEEEEEE .. actually kahapon pa and i had no idea that he was here...chet. what kind of fan am i!? lol! sabi asa glorietta daw siya kanina.. madir pakir.. he was just walking distance away from where i was this morning WAHAHAHA. chet. sayang. lol!

9:50 PM
here at home already.. am talking to ate cha.. ate chaaaaaaaaa eto na blog ako hehehehehehehe missyuuu! teka... mag 10 na ndi ko pa napapanood yung Marmalade boy na tinape ko.. plus i have to catch the evening news.. papasok pala ako bukas para maoffset mga absences kow... hay.. oki lng.. at least makakapaginternet ako dun hehe..alang mga boss pag saturdayyy, yipee!!

gud nite everyone!

*/me kanta.. "i remember the boy.. but i don't remember the feeling.. anymore"... ate cha... kelan kaya ganito keh PC? LOL!*

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