Tuesday, November 18, 2003

My blog yesterday, Nov. 17, 2003:

System Time: 9:18 AM
..just another manic monday. (uy kinanta nya) sucky day. kaantok. katamad. only thing i'm looking forward to is it's momi's "first" day at work and will probably meet him later.. sa friday na birthday nya! hmm.. *yawns* while sleeping at the shuttle i was dreaming all sorts of things.. good thing i didn't do anything embarassing like talk out loud or something like that..

System Time: 9:32 AM
i have this uncanny sense of timing that i would choose to go out to the loo in the exact time that Sir Tony will go to IT dept... did it for the nth time just this morning and found this stuffed tarsier with a stick stuck up on it's a** on top of my open visual c++ book.. it gave me quite a fright actually.. thought it was some kind of rodent hehe.. Sir J said that Sir Tony gave one for each of us since they just got back from Bohol.. Sir T probably wonders why i'm always not on my desk.. grrr.. magaling lang tlga timing ko, kainis. (>_<) at least it WAS a visual c++ book.. good thing it wasn't a novel or something non-work related.. BUT my 2 sticks of yosi were in plain view AND i wasn't in my desk AGAIN. chet. grr. monday. blame it on mondays. and my traitorous bladder. and my f*cked up timing. double chet.

System Time: 10:20 AM
..Ma'am M gave me a sampaloc fruit.. first i was kinda wondering watdapak i would do with this and then she said i could eat it straightaway.. was from Bangkok... ahh oki.. hehe..

System Time: 10:22 AM
sarap. kinda weird to be eating fresh sweet sampaloc. unlike the preserved kind they sell at tagaytay/baguio.

System Time: 11:15 AM
called ria.. will have lunch together..

System Time: 2:24 PM
..had sisig for lunch. hay. so sleeeypi. pagnapapaidlip ako, with matching panaginip pa tlga.. that's why sometimes, i can't determine if something REALLY happened or it's just one of my dreams.. usually, my dreams are trivial-everyday stuff.. can't remember all of them.. but i think, just now (yep, nakatulog na naman ako) i was dreaming that i had to choose between vegetables or something-else-can't-recall to eat for lunch.. sometimes i would dream of people that i know but haven't seen/talked to for A LONG time.. like last night, i dreamt of my hs friend and kababata Enrae.. think my other hs friends were also in my dream.. as usual, the moment i woke up, bits and fragments are instantly forgotten.. it's like holding water in your hand... the more you tighten your grasp, the more water you lose.. so usually, i don't bother remembering my dreams.. swerte lang pag naaalala ko.. i also have these deja vu(s) ALL the time.. yung parang.."wow, nangyari na toh" stuff.. my sister ate chary has a theory on that.. she said that it's a good sign daw when that happens.. she believes that some of the things happening in our life are already pre-destined and when deja-vus happen, it's like a sign that we made the right choice and on the right track towards the life designed for us.. i kinda think in the same line also.. personally, i think that some stuff are just meant to be.. some people think that they control their life and that things happen because they made it happen.. bunch of BS if you ask me.. death, diseases, accidents.. can a mere mortal control these stuff? and choices.. people feel in control 'cause they think they actually CHOSE their life..i believe our whole life is already planned out for us, including the choices we will eventually make.. and free will.. think it's free will that f*cks up THE PLAN and then very bad things happen when we force things that aren't meant for us.. sabi nga nila.. pag para sayo, mapupunta tlga yun sayo.. (or something to that effect) so pag hindi tlga, wag ng ipilit! i know a whole lot of people will disagree but that's why monologues and blogs suchs as this are invented.. it's MY opinion and i don't care whether you agree with me or not.. :รพ

System Time: 3:15 PM
..feel like i'm schizo or sumtin.. lol.. guess this is what boredom does to a person..

System Time: 3:36 PM
kae-mail ko sila jhoneil and chipper..they're my radix officemates who are currently in Ohio..

teka.. Ma'am M said she'll talk to me later.. nyerks. skeyri. tungkol saan kaya. can it be sinumbong na ako ni Sir Tony? wahaha. skeyri. *kagat kuko*

Nov. 18, 2003

System Time: 9:53 AM
..turned out was another list of stuff i had to do for LIPS. hahay.. my list keeps on getting longer but my deadline isn't getting extended..

..made my timesheet this morning.. total hours of my absences exceeds 20 hours.. paktay..think i need another saturday to offset it.. tsk tsk.. think another 4 hours will do..

System Time: 10:19 AM
madirpakir. am fairly sure that Ma'am M saw this. this! my blog! *wapaks sarili* she approached me at my workstation and i kinda asked her something 'bout LIPS.. then asked her if she wants to take a look at the program..then she took my sit.. i ate some chicharon while standing up and then when i looked at my monitor, saw my blog briefly before Ma'am M clicked another text file.. chet chet chet! dunno how much she read.. think she just saw the last paragraph above.. hay.. sooo stupidd and soo careless.. tsk. badtrip.

trabaho na nga ako.

System Time:10:35 AM
..cmmon.. hafto stayy aweyk. @_@!

System Time: 5:12 PM
.."painting" some of the user interface.. quite enjoyable 'cause i don't hafto think about anything while doing it..will probably stay for another 2 hours here.. better start offsetting my absences..

System Time: 6:52 PM
..uwi na ko.. pero pasok ako ng maaga bukas.. tas same time uwi.. asa baba na rin si dex eh.. babay!

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