Tuesday, November 11, 2003

My blog yesterday, November 10, 2003

System Time: 10:26 AM
..gud mawnin.. *yawns* had a very good sleep.. in the shuttle, hehe..i did sleep around 11:30 pm last night.. it's my usual bedtime so there's really no good reason to feel this sleepy.. dunno why i feel as if i'm so puyat..Saturday night was a different story, though.. was only able to sleep around 4:30 am.. it's all friendster's fault and my long-lost HS classmates, hehe.. oh, and ate cha and che sistah.. BS KLab bonding session, lol! (oiiiii sistah testimonial ko!)

..feel pretty good in regards my work here.. do you know that i've only got 2 remaining items in my fixes/enhancements list? *hapi hapi*.. was able to cross one out just this morning so now i'm down on my last 2.. one's just an enhancement.. the other one's a MAJOR error so i'm concentrating more on it..

System Time: 11:04 AM
..have a posh new shoulder bag.. weeee! it's an advance birthday-christmas present from ate chary.. i fell in love with it and basically begged ate chary to buy it for me.. am really a knapsack person but i wanted a shoulder bag that's feminine but not too kikay that i could use.. this one's just perfect..i feel like i'm a woman of the world, with chic mustard colored shoulder bag, LOL! i even cleaned out my room last night para bumagay ng konti sa bago kong bag.. bwahahah! na-shock nga ata nanay ko nung ginising ako.. "naglinis ka ng kwarto!?!", hehe...i even made a special spot in my desk where i would specifically place my bag, so it won't get dirty...napaka-impractical pa naman ng kulay.. hehehe.. mah gas...*i'm so priking weird. lol*

just remembered.. my site looks very sucky now.. my host, Brinkster now has a banner-like window in the left side of every page.. suckssssss.. i now have to close that stupid banner window everytime...will have to move my site to another free, bannerless host.. kuripots kasi eh.. ayaw bumili ng host.. mah gas naman.. di ko nga matapos eh, meh dagdag na naman akong gagawin..

System Time: 11:29 AM
.. IT people are having their lunch..kinda hungry too but i wanted to take advantage of their absence and write here..

..hmm.. la naman ako masulat. LOL! langya.

System Time: 1:19 PM
..received SMS from kuya rony (radix opismeyt).. "Sama k Friday? Bday n Anniv gmk. Big Shots. Aftr opis." .. dami naming November celebrants eh.. (pero di pa ako manlilibre uh.. sila lng hehe..) Anniv part is 1 year na kasi batch nila sa Radix.. ahead lang kaming 4 nila Chipper, Froi and Koji sa kanila ng 4 months.. will probably go.. miss ko na rin sila..sana pwede rin si momi..he's feeling kinda down lately.. di na kasi tumawag yung Malcolm.. so balik job hunting ulit siya.. i'm trying my best to cheer him up.. hope he's fine na..

System Time: 2:43 PM
..shit. they're making me write the documentation ek ek. this is really the shittiest job of a programmer, to create functional specs/documentation of a certain program.. hay.. Ma'am M showed me 2 templates.. still very confused as to what am gonna do.. ahh grr hate doing this.. my eyes are already drooping while reading the template and am just on the first paragraph.. lol.. @_@

System Time: 5:37 PM
..still working on the documentation.. think i'm getting the hang of it.. keh hirap magenglish mah gas, lol! pero in fairness, ang bilis talaga ng oras pag meh ginagawa ka hahahaha! 30 minutes na lng, uwian na.. yipeeee!

System Time: 6:50 PM
..still at the office...am such a hardworking employee, haha! am actually waiting for 7 pm so that i'll exactly have 1 extended hour that i could use to offset my absences..

ei, it's Jing's birthday tomorrow.. happy happy birthday jing! she's my HS kada..blowout naman dyan! si dex nga pala nagtext.. bukas na lng kami magmi-meet...

hmm.. actually thinking of subscribing to a dial-up internet plan.. can no longer use ate ging's free ISP account and prepaids are so inconvenient AND expensive..tri-isys unlimited plan's only 680 bucks.. but what i'm really interested on is the free 20 mb web space.. hafto remember to inquire if it'll be bannerless or will have no irritating pop-ups..

System Time: 7:02 PM <--uwi na ako. babayyy! am hungry naaaaaa. bye all!

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