Wednesday, November 12, 2003

System Time: 8:57 AM
..bad morning. humpft. took me half a minute to figure out what was different today.. realized what it was after i opened my PC and the monitor was turned off.. don't usually close it so i was surprised by the blank screen.. anyway.. opened my monitor than *wham*..
they took MY LCD monitor and replaced it with this wimpy 15-inch NON- flat monitor
.. huhuhu.. will not tolerate this kind of discriminating and sneaky behavior..changing the monitor behind my back..waiting for me to go home and then springing this bombshell..LCD monitor and i have become attached and that sort of relationship just cannot be substituted by this puny picture tube. humpft again.

System Time: 9:19 AM
..cannot look at Sir L's in the eye as my inner dismay re. monitor might be transparent..
LOL. i'm creeping myself out. hihihihi.

System Time: 9:25 AM
..ate ging's gonna be really pissed at me.. used up all of the free internet hours provided by her company..shitty. friendster's fault. if they just do something to speed up their server then i'll just click, click, click away, right? but noooo.. i have to click..(wait)...(wait) click.. (wait..wait) (wait..wait..wait) everyyytime.. so i'm not really addicted to it.. am just logging long hours in it 'cause it's too damn slow.. ooh.. have 5 new friendster friendss (wee!) mostly my HS chums...also found another HS classmate but i seem to be getting a mental block on what her surname is.. jamie.. jamie.. sumting..even typed jamie rivera.. lol.. jamie rivera fuckwittage..gaahh.. >_< will ask kate later..ndi ako adik uh, lol.. surely getting excited from being reunited with old friends is normal behavior.. :p

oohh.. just texted Koji, gave him my e-mail addy and asked him to add me in his frienster.. he texted back and told me that we already have a link.. through Zced -> Almond -> Koji.. bwahaha sooo weird..(Zced's ria's bf, Almond is Koji's ex) actually, found a lot of not-so-normal links (meaning 2 of my friends are have common friends, etc)..

System Time: 10:59 AM
..phoned Ria to tell her the connection... also pestered her to make me a testimonial.. hihihi.. adik na buhhh akuuuu? hihihi

System Time: 11:32 AM
am hungry. :( ala si manang the lunch vendor.. will hafto go down at the fudpak este park to eat.. hmm.. bagoong rice.. or chicken crisps.. hmm..

System Time:11:45 AM
amm really hungry already.. how do i ask Sir J..
me: "err..sir,.. di pa ba kayo kakain? gutom na ako"
Sir J: "edi kumain ka mag-isa mo!"

nyerks. scary.. hmm..

System Time: 11:46 AM
Hurrah! just heard Sir J said "kain na tayo..gutom na ko" wohooo! saviorrr

System Time: 1:23 PM
chicken crisps won over bagoong rice.. soo full.. soo sleypii.. soo wanna go home.. wahh. buzz here is that the 26th has been declared a non-working special holiday (Ramadan ek ek)..ergo, will have 2 holidays 'cause my birthday's on the 27th and we've got birthday leaves.. (Hurrahhh!)

System Time: 7:42 PM
..already home.. actually timed out as early as 2:00 pm today.. oki nga eh, timing.. 'cause i texted Irvie with no solid reason and turned out that she was at the Enterprise.. waahaha namiss ko kasi si Irvie kaya sumama na lng ako sa kanya haha! ang sama ko nga eh, di ko sha nabati nung birthday nya.. wahhh.. pero alam ko na october 23 birthday nya.. di ko lang namalayan na nag october 23 na wahaha.. puny excuse hay. ayun, nag window shopping kami, chika-chika.. tas treat nya ko ng cheesecake (yum yum) tsaka nag timezone kami.. hayy saya saya talaga.. miss our Info days at ang dami na rin naming kalokohang pinagdaanan ni Irvs..

System Time: 7:56 PM
kain na ako.. bye all! gudnitey!

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