Tuesday, November 25, 2003

System Time: 8:34 AM
nakabangga ako. hehe. i'm not really laughing.. was really scary but i'm hehe-ing cause it wasn't that serious.. anyway.. on the day when i finally decided to practice driving i just had to HIT someone.. sucky right? it wasn't my fault.. was like this.. there was a jeepney stalled in my lane so naturally i had to overtake it.. then on the opposite side of the road, a jeepney also stopped (perhaps to unload a passenger).. on the process of overtaking the jeep.. (wasn't even really overtaking 'cause the jeep isn't moving.. ) a guy suddenly hit me (yes, he was the one who hit me) .. well, he bumped on my sideview mirror.. i wasn't that fast but i didn't step on the brake immediately cause he just came out of nowhere.. i said to my dad.."shit shit!" then my dad said.."natamaan mo ba?" lol.. lakas kaya ng tunog!.. anyway.. i stopped then i saw the guy walking.. TG! i said.."sir, okay lang ba kayo?"... ayun.. he nodded tas walked off.. buti na lng he wasn't one of those types that would make a big deal out of it.. and TG it wasn't a kid or a woman (God forbid! lol! i could just imagine what a scene a woman would cause) .. he just walked right off (was just holding on to his arm..) guess we both learned our lessons.. he shouldn't cross the street without looking first and i should be wary of jeepneys with stupid passengers.. hehehe.. *whew still shaking a little*

..called up Ate chary and told this story.. sabi nya "swerte ka parin at mabait nabunggo mo" hehe! right on..

System Time: 8:53 AM
back in drawing my forms again.. missed a couple of forms.. okay lang saken, kesa yung idebug yung last error na ndi ko tlga magawa.. sige dito na boss..brb

System Time: 10:01 AM
all alone again. wee! IT people are on their weekly meeting.. meh wento pala ako..


lol! curious eh? anyway.. it all began last sunday when i went to the mall in search of a good derma clinic..i have some really AWFUL scars in my upper arm and my midrib (mostly from chicken pox).. kaya medyo goodbye sleeveless ako.. eh kakainis.. kaya i was saving my bonus for some sort of treatment for these scars..i consulted 3 derm clinics..in my third one, they had a good body peeling package.. 4 sessions in all (secret ang price.. basta pwede na) tas there and then.. sabi ko "sige, papabody peel ako".. tas pinapasok nya ako sa isang room..tas ang wird kasi parang banyo sya.. meh shower tas basa yung floor.. (parang ayoko na at this point) tas meh sinabi siya na ndi ko naintindihan sabay labas ng room.. tas ako, mega tayo lang dun.. hintay²... tas pumasok ulit yung girl sabay sabi "oh! bakit hindi mo pa tinatanggal damit mo?"
ako: "ano po??"
girl: "maghubad ka na"
ako: "lahat?? pati underwear???" (sabay @_@)
girl: (natatawa na) "opo..sige balikan ko kayo"
aydyosko.. first time ko toh grabe.. tas super hiya pa tlga ako.. tas nung pumasok ulit siya.. tinatakpan ko pa sarili ko nung towel.. tas sabi nya
"wag ka na mahiya, lagi naman namin toh ginagawa".. tas sabi ko.."ako hindi eh!" hehe.. totoo naman.. anyway, hiyang hiya tlga ako.. eventually she convinced me to let go of the towel.. tas yun.. i stood in front of her (naked!) while she painted my body with some kind of mask.. that wasn't even the worst part 'cause after painting your whole body with this mask, you had to keep it on for 45 minutes!!! so there i was.. standing naked with my body full of weird stuff,..waiting for time to go by.. grabe.. yun ang pinakamatagal na 45 minutes sa buong buhay ko.. i tried singing, imagining stuff, counting the cracks.. lol! and i had to do this for 4 sessions! lol! pero oks na, naka 3 na ako (sat, sun, then kahapon after work).. next week na ako babalik for my last session.. in the meantime i'm applying some of the stuff the derm clinic gave to me.. hay.. all for the glory of perfect skin,.. lol!

System Time: 1:22 PM
..someone placed chocolate candies on everyone's desk.. grabe ang sarap.. label is "merci crocant" .. sayang 3 lang, lol! work ulit! ingay ng mga tao.. excited kasi sa bowling tournament nila.. finals na ksi hehe.. huyy engay! lol!

System Time: 5:01 PM
nagaaway-away na sila tungkol sa bowling.. kakatawa.. nagstastrategize ek ek na tas nagcocomparan ng stat sheets.. kinakareer na nila.. sabi nga nung isa, "medal lang yan uh.. pano pag cash prize..siguro magpapatayan na yan" lol! malamang nga..

System Time: 5:17 PM
uwi na ko..babayu!

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