Tuesday, April 15, 2003

System Time: 9:36 AM
..wasn't able to post my blog yesterday.. dunno what's wrong with the company's internet connection last night but the blogger site just wouldn't load.. anywayz, i'll try again later at lunch time..

..been reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.. i'm still halfway through but i've already learned soo much.. 'bout faith, omens, dreams.. grabe.. super nice.. my sister bought this book ages ago and it's just this morning that i picked it up and read it.. even has some humor in it.. it's not that thick a book.. figured i could finish it later..

System Time: 5:21 PM
..been trying to continue my novel.. hay.. so i read my logs again with pc.. it still has the same effect for me.. he's like a ghost that keeps on haunting my soul.. if i were to pick one person in the entire world to be with.. i'd pick him. life's unfair... pero ganon talaga.. you can't have everything.. i try not to dwell on the what-ifs.. maloloka ka lang.. sabi nga sa The Alchemist,
"don't live in either your past or your future.. because life is the moment we're living right now.."

System Time: 5:41 PM
..it's weird that we always have to be reminded of our blessings... when something negative happens to us, we focus on that and lose vision of the things that are more important in life..

*wapaks sarili* ano buh toh. hehe.

but seriously.. sabi nga nila.. count your blessings, dibuh?.. thank God i have my family.. TG they're healthy hehe.. especially my parents.. TG for my friends, my job.. my headphones so that i could listen to my mp3s.. lol! and TG for my choco mallows to which i've been staring at for the past hour thinking i would enjoy eating it after dinner while watching DVDs at our 43" TV.. TG that my parents' room has airconditioning so that i could sleep without feeling uncomfortable because of the summer heat.. and TG for my sisters, though we're not the showy type.. i know that they love me and care for me, just as deeply as i love them.. and TG for our pet bird, mai-mai.. even if she can't speak a single english word, at least she knows how to say "tao po" and "kumain ka na?" hehe!!!

tama na tohh.. di ko na carry LoL! bye all!

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