Monday, April 21, 2003

System Time: 8:33 AM
... hay. monday. monday sucks. but this particular monday sucks even more because it happened after a 4 day break. katamad. kaantok. basta.. kaka. lol.

..uyy.. ipismeyt badz was able to buy me a Davao shirt. yehey! will be included in my t-shirt collection of philippine provinces hehe. i've already got cebu,(syempre hehe) bacolod, boracay, iloilo, etc.

..presently listening to old collective soul songs.. maybe could infuse some energy into my super-lazy-body.

System Time: 10:03 AM
...break taym.. but nobody's standing up.. gaah. even in the training room, everybody's still inside.. waah.

..currently listening to Pangako.. (yung keh ogie at manilyn, lol) .. have copied it from someone else's shared folder hehe..

System Time: 10:34 AM
..currently listening to Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away..
..i want to get away.. i want to fly awaaayyy.. yeahhh yeah yeahhhhhh
EKK. putol! badtrip naman tong nacopya ko. lol. serves me right for looking at other people's computer. hehe.

/me balik Collective Soul

..uyyy Heavy. reminds me of my old site. my gallery has this song's intro as it's background.
*appreciates stereo headphones*

i had a Collective Soul phase during my senior year in HS. still like them, but i don't listen to them as much as i did when i was in HS. when i say phase, it means that ALL i listened to was that band. that's why i easily recall when a certain song was released.. cause i could always relate the song to memories/events that happened simultaneous to when that song was popular. that's music for me. it's my bestfriend, sympathizing when i'm down.. celebrating with me when i'm happy.. it calms me when i feel suicidal..(LOL! totoo!).. and it taught me how to listen, to appreciate the small details.. to not take things for granted.. to enjoy the present, but to not forget the past. If the boy from the Alchemist learned a lot from the Desert, music has been my teacher, my guide. i could explain further, but then the gratification of understanding what i've just said would lessen. sometimes i would stop anything that i'm doing and just listen to a song that i love and allow the song to embrace me with its melody. that's also the reason why i have such a high respect for musicians.. 'cause they could touch people's lives without actually interacting with them. perhaps that's their Personal Legend. hope i too could realize what mine is.

System Time: 11:37 AM
..punta daw kami Sagada! (kami nila mel, che, plus ibang chatmeyts) sana naman matuloy nuuuhh.. no specific date yet.. pero plan is sa May 1.. siguro aabsent na lang ako sa May 2. (thursday kasi ang May 1)

System Time: 1:40 PM
..demmit. hintay na naman ako ng break taym. la magaaaaawaaaaaaaa. been re-opening some soft copies of books i have in my local.. lahat puro kaantok. trying to read Anne of Green Gables.. but once i start reading it, i feel my eyes closing.. waah di pwede.. got-to stay aweeeyk. @_@
..maybe my mp3list has got something to do with my feeling drowsy.. i have some songs from my "mainstream pop music" folder.. currently listening to Twisted by Keith Sweat..
you know, you want my love.. you've got me twisted over you.. i know i got what you need.. so what you wanna do..

System Time: 4:35 PM
..haba ng blog ko pag la ko ginagawa sa ofis! lol! kung ano ano puh sinasabi ko hehe. onguh pala.. i'll be going to Makati later.. i'm gonna be having dinner with cherry and other pre-com kabarkada.. si cherry yung ikakasal,..di na tuloy yung bridal shower.. dinner na lng daw.. sabi ko nguh sa mga kabarkada ko.. ndi ako papayag na dinner lang pag ako na ang ikakasal hehe.. dapat meh bridal shower talaga ako! lol! wehehe. tagal puh nun.

System Time: 4:46 PM
..hay.. nagpapakabait na talaga ako. i mean, umiiwas na ako sa mga tukso sa paligid..LoL! basta, ate cha.. you're gonna be so proud of me..HEHE! syempre, para keh momi toh.. pero nakng naman.. sumulat ka na! *wapaks* waah, yung promise mo saken.. don't forget ^_^

System Time: 5:27 PM
.. now listening to my OPM folder.. gotta have new mp3s na.. hay.. getting tired listening to the same old stuff especially my alternative and acoustic list.. if only i had a CD-RW at home.. i'd copy all my p3s their and bring it here.. but since ala.. pwede na toh kesa sa wala..
..ikaw ang tunay na ligaya tanging ikaw sinta.. umaga't hapon kahit magdamag tanging ikaw sinta.. hindi magsasawa.. sa piling mooo uuwoohhh.. LOL!

System Time: 5:58 PM
yehey. laaast 2 minutes! 2 minutes more and i'll have internet access to post this blog... 2 minutes more and i'll log out and meet Ten² at the MRT station.. woohoo!

System Time: 5:59 PM
1 minute to go!
bye all!

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