Thursday, April 10, 2003

System Time: 8:19 AM

...was so busy yesterday that i couldn't even attempt to write a blog..

..last night after work, i was able to try riding in the new MRT (it's called MegaTren.. corny).. it's okay.. more spacious than the present MRT.. but even if the ride took less than 5 minutes, (from cubao to santolan) i had a hard time getting a fx from santolan.. alanganin kasi.. tas siningil puh ako ng 15 bucks.. nYek. mas mahal magiging pamasahe ko from cubao.. libre puh kahapon sa MRT, pero yung magiging fare daw 12 bucks.. mamahal ako ng 7 pesos.. tas hirap puh sumakay pagbaba sa MRT, tas haba puh ng lalakarin from the old MRT to the new one.. eh fx sa cubao papuntang cogeo 20 bucks lang.. siguro kung pupunta lang akong sta.lucia mas okey mag MRT kasi ang bilis..


..will start working on my form at 9 am.. still feel groggy.. stayed up late 'cause i was able to finish reading X-Men 2 (novelization based on the screenplay).. ganda nya.. galing kasi imagination ko hehe.. can't wait for the movie..

..will meet my pre-com friends later.. we're planning a briday shower for our friend, cherry.. she's going to be married on the 26th.. nyek..watdapak would i wear on her wedding? will hafto find a dress for that.. me in a dress? double nyek. -_-

System Time: 11:06 AM
..yey! finished my form..haven't tested it yet, though.. will make my test data later..

System Time: 1:09 PM
..hay keh sarap. sekwet ko na lang kung ano yun... :รพ

System Time: 6:02 PM bilis ng oras.. babay!

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