Saturday, April 26, 2003

each time i attend weddings.. i feel a little envious at the newly married couple.. i don't really want to get married yet, but i want the "idea" of it.. that you'll be able to plan for it.. choose your motif, your cake, your gown, your flowers, the songs.. lolz.. hay. and cherry, my college kabarkada who got married this morning, looked really happy. i really hope, with all sincerity that everything goes well for them.

i miss being with momi. maybe it's the after effect of attending a wedding. hay. actually, everytime i see a couple, i feel so frustrated with our situation. i mean, why does everything in my life have to have some sort of complication.. why can't i love someone who lived right next to our house.. or in LUZON for that matter.. >_< it's so unfair. but that's love, i guess. it tests you until you've proven yourself worthy for it.

..have been busy at the office programming the new's a freaking difficult one, my deadline's on tuesday and i have this awful panicky feeling in my chest every time i wake up.. that it's one day less 'til tuesday. wonder how i'll feel when it IS tuesday. perhaps i'll have a heart attack and die, so that i won't need to finish it. LOL. tough luck.

wanna watch What A Girl Wants tomorrow.. erlyn watched it and said that it was good.. but ate chary had already seen it and wants to watch Phonebooth instead. maybe i could convince her to watch it again. HEHE.

..hmm.. think i'm getting dizzy. was supposed to attend another event this night.. jacq, jeff and anna's birthday celebration (ISM classmates).. was too damn lazy to get out of the house after arriving from the wedding.. just watched Click LOL! katawa si Icko, hehe.

i'll try going to sleep now.. bye guys! *big hug for everyone who took time out from their busy scheds to read my blog. how sweet.*

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