Tuesday, April 08, 2003

System Time: 1:44 PM
...already finished my form.. its deadline is still on Thursday.. (nyeh).. thinking of handing it over, but it still needs to be standardized.. we've been given some new programming standards and some of my past codes were affected.. will do them later.. (read: pag sinapag ako)

...have already decided not to join ANY networking scheme.. being an employee is NOT so bad, you know.. my dad was able to bring us up by being one..i mean, we were able to go to private schools, buy us stuff we need.. etc., etc.. we're not rich but we've managed.. like my dad said, installment's the KEY, a loan..payable for a certain # of years.. your salary gets higher but the installment price doesn't.. so it gets easier.. i'll still be able to own a house, a car, etc.. my mind's full of plans.. business plans.. but i really need the capital for it.. so i kinda small-scaled my plans, made them more feasible..

System Time: 3:25 PM
.. had a meeting (useless one if i may add).. at least killed some of my pagpapanggap time..

System Time: 4:36 PM
..have been renaming my mp3 files.. (wow, ano?).. great time killer HEHE.. searching for shared mp3 files at our network and copying those that i like.. great finds: Tattooed on my Mind, Deep, Passenger seat, plus a lot of OPM songs.. hehe ..

System Time: 5:01 PM
..been reading past blogs again.. gwabe.. la na sa buhay ko si Pangs.. he became one of those "oh-yeah-i-know-him" kinda person, instead of being on the friends list.. it's partly my fault i guess, but he stopped calling me and i couldn't bring myself to call him.. i mean, watdapak would i say.. "ei, hello.. promises are meant to be broken, uh?".. plus i got really affected (HAHA, oo noh) when i found out he has a thing for this chatter.. so i decided, there and then.. that i've had enough of IRC people.. logged on once in a while but only talked to people whom i previously knew, never made an effort to get familiar with new chatters..
...si PC.. hay. totally different story. -_-

*yanks myself back to reality*

hafto stop thinking of the "what ifs".. promised myself to behave for momi.. i'm not doing anything wrong, anywayz.. just thinking..

..speaking of momi.. tried mailing my letter to him this morning.. freaking 7-11 didn't have any local stamps.. wanted to tell them "magsara na kayo!" but restrained myself and just plastered a smile in my face and said "ahh ok" .. i'll try later at a 7-11 in masinag..meaning bababa puh ako dun pag uwi? bukas na lng kaya.. hmm..)

..uy, just remembered that the new MRT is already open.. hmm.. from santolan to cubao.. try ko buh.. baka mahirapan ako pagdating ko sa santolan.. hmm.. the ride's still free 'til today.. hmmmm..

System Time: 6:01 PM
..yesss uwian na.. meh internet na rin.. our connection got restricted to these times.. before 8 am, 12-1pm and 6pm onwards.. gaah.. anywayz.. any kinda connection is good.. as long as i could post my blogs..
will post this blog now,, bye!


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