Wednesday, April 02, 2003

My blog yesterday, April 1, 2003

System Time: 3:39 PM
...woah.. new month already? so MUCH stuff has happened.. don't know where to start my story..
have already been programming (seriously hehe) for the project.. most of the forms were only alloted a day/two to program .. am so happy 'cause i finished my first form (its deadline is today).. kabarkada died last Saturday -_- ,.. she's my friend when i was in St.scho.. am not that very close to her, but we never had a misunderstanding or something like that.. whenever we see each other, we make kamusta and talk 'bout stuff happening in our lives.. i used to see her often when i was assigned in Miriam College where she used to study.. she died on a car accident.. actually,.. it's still not sinking in that she's really dead.. hay.. will go to her wake again after work..

..on other slightly happy news.. was able to talk to momi last sunday.. kainish lang.. 'cause i didn't realize that i wasn't saving my logs in IRC.. la tuloy ako.. grrr.. hay.. 'cause sometimes i read our logs when i want to cheer myself up.. just so i would know that he really exists and not just a figment of my imagination...

..will test my program again.... later

System Time: 5:04 PM
..already submitted my form and received another one today... deadline's tomorrow.. hay.. at least i got an early start..
gtg now bye!

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