Wednesday, April 23, 2003

System Time: 9:00 AM
..gud mawnin :) presently enjoying Jars of Clay's version of I Could Sing of your Love forever.. oh i feel like dancing.. it's foolishness i know, but when the world has seen the light, they will dance with joy like we're dancing now..

System Time: 9:49 AM
...had to do some additional modifications.. just hate it when they keep on changing the specs.. it's mainly the client's fault.. gaah.

..will continue reading Anne of Green Gables.. it doesn't make me sleepy anymore.. hehe.. it's quite entertaining actually.. i find Anne amusing with her big words and her wild imagination..

System Time: 10:50 AM
..huhuhu.. possibility of going to Sagada on May 1 looks dismal.. waah. *wapaks Jep n cHe* haaaaaaaaaaay. bad trip.

System Time: 3:52 PM
..waaahh i wanna go somewhere on May 1.. ANYwhere that entails me to be in a bus at least 4 hours, or in a ferry.. or in an airplane.. grrr. kainish.

System Time: 3:57 PM
..think i'm getting dizzy.. >_<

System Time: 4:58 PM
..had free food again.. it's Ma'am doc's birthday today kaya nagpakain siya..meh pancit and ice cream.. (yum²) lessened my dizziness.. maybe because i was hungry before.. lolz..
..been convincing my officemates to go to Cebu with me.. waahaha. asa puh ko. i really want to go but i don't want to go by myself..

System Time: 5:05 PM
..maybe if i imagine myself in cebu hard enough, it'll become real.. (*_*)

System Time: 6:05 PM
..woah.. given a difficult form.. it's due on the 29th..

will log out now.. bye!

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