Thursday, January 30, 2003

hey all! i'm back.

am gonna start looking for free online photo album stuff.. gaaaah.. getting more and more pictures but i simply don't have enough time to create a flash movie for them.. hafto uploadddd them in my site but i'm so priking lazy.. so the best alternative is have somebody else do it for me.. hehe..

hmm.. have a RPG test tomorrow.. actually.. we weren't supposed to be included in that test (cause duuuh.. we might not even use RPG in radix 'cause we're reserved for the VB projects) but since the following events, Ma'am Bel wants us to make our office time more productive..

1. got caught playing LOTR TCG
2. got caught playing 3-D montage pictures
3. got caught sleeping

hehehe. it has been ONE LONNNNNG week. TGIF tomorrow..

wish i could watch Stephen speaks' concert on Feb 8.. still hafto find someone to go with.. haaaaaaaaay..



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