Thursday, January 02, 2003

my post yesterday, January 1, 2002.


work day again tomorrow.. sucksss...
anywayz.. time to recap the year that was...


JANUARY - was assigned to Bacolod, met Ate Cash there (for the first time).. went together to Cebu (on Ate Cash' birthday) to meet momi and Mel.. saw dolphins while on the barge woo-hoo! (tama bang mas natuwa sa dolphin)

FEBRUARY - left Bacolod,.. started thinking of resigning from work.. (was at Infostructure then).. mainly because I was so down.. I kept thinking of my momi and how we just parted ways with no definite plans or promises..

MARCH - continued working.. went back to Manila clients.. MIRIAM, Business Sense, etc.

APRIL - handed my resignation letter.. though i still had one more month before it took effect.. met pangs in IRC (tsk)

MAY - 22nd was my last day of work for Infostructure.. started having my online journal... was also the month when i was called intangible by peter.. (:p) hay. *shoos away lonely thoughts*.. still a bum..though i think i started looking for a new job..

JUNE - received snail mail from momi.. had my official break up with him.. went to different interviews, tests, etc. at computer companies..

JULY - new job at Radix Systems.. started my VB training.. new officemates.. tried to put my life back on track... also the month when i uploaded my new site.. the home of this blog..

AUGUST - still training for VB.. though after the training,..started to get bored at work.. so i started blogging in a notepad at the office..

SEPTEMBER - harbie's new of engagement.. (IKAKASAL KA NAAAAAA hehe) started making the fan site.. momi also surprisingly left a message in my old guestbook.. saying that he was here in MANILA! (@_@)

OCTOBER - momi and i met again.. was momentarily happy.. but of course, all good things must come to an end.. he went back to Cebu after he took the board exam.. was soooo down... then found out that pangs has a gf. which was like.. nYeH. started avoiding him.. reasons for which were pretty obvious.. i had feelings (eh-hem) for him..which i would gladly remove in my system if i could. -_-

NOVEMBER - birthday month! had a birthday bash in my house.. was a success inspite of the brownout.. (boo).. also started AS400 training at work.. was a good thing because i was really getting to dislike work.. met new officemates.. kuyuh allan, kuyuh alain (kamukha ni benjie paras LOL), ate melody, kuyuh rony (ka-magic ko), ate gay (HP fan!), ate joy(seatmate ko na sa training room), ate jenny (ang tangkad!) and ate lyn.. errp.. almost forgot.. the month i made a bloody mess at Boni overpass.. which left me literally, scarred for life.. hehe

DECEMBER - christmas party at office.. was soooo fun.. was an expensive christmas season.. ANG PASKO AY PARA SA BATA hehe.. decided to stop chatting.. still don't know the outcome of that resolution..then of course.. facing singleton life (again! *sighs*)

whew. for details, read my blogs! lol.

hope to see you guys around.. sign nyo guestbuk ko.. or sa forum (kung buhay puh yun lolz).. tsismisan nyo naman ako hehe..

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